Get Shopify support.

While Shopify offers a fantastic ecommerce software, it’s not without flaws. Having a Coalition Shopify Support package in place will ensure your store keeps on selling.

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Running Into Shopify Issues?

While we all hope that a Shopify website would never go down or encounter issues, reality says it can and will happen.

Whether it’s a conflict with an app, an errant click from one of your employees, or something worse, Shopify stores frequently encounter issues and need support.

If you’ve experienced frustration or financial loss due to issues with your Shopify store, its maintenance, or the apps you rely on, a qualified support team is easy to see as a necessity. If you haven’t yet experienced those challenges, then your best bet is to prevent the problems before they occur. Our support and maintenance services keep your store running in tiptop shape and help prevent issues before you encounter them.

Our Shopify Support Services

We provide a range of services to Shopify merchants hoping to avoid expensive missteps in operating their ecommerce stores.



Shopify natively provides limited support for backups of merchant websites. Having recurring backups handled ensures that any site update or change will have an easier recovery point if one is needed.



We’ll use a 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring tool to help you identify if your site is ever down.



Shopify sites tend to rapidly evolve. Because of that, it’s easy for a single change elsewhere in your build to create problems in UX and functionality elsewhere. Ongoing QA ensures those issues are identified before your customers notice.



Our developers know how to make Shopify stores move quickly. We’ll provide ongoing speed testing and performance maintenance to ensure that your website doesn’t slow down over time.


You depend on accurate Analytics to determine where and how to spend your marketing dollars. Coalition will provide you with ongoing goal testing to ensure you’re getting reliable information.



Even when you’re home and not in front of a computer, we’re here to support you. Should you need after hours support we’ll be there for you.

Maintenance Packages

While we offer bespoke maintenance and support services, many of our clients opt for the safety of a recurring, ongoing support package.

Monthly hours for updates51217
Updates made during normal business hours✔️✔️✔️
Turnaround time5 business days3 business days2 business days
Full site backup✔️✔️✔️
Desktop / laptop device QA (based on analytics’s top 3 desktop / laptop OS and browser configurations)✔️✔️✔️
Speed testing and evaluation✔️✔️✔️
Mobile device QA (based on analytics top 3 mobile OS, screen resolution, and browser configurations)✔️✔️
Monthly goal testing and validation✔️✔️
Analytics accuracy evaluation✔️✔️
App performance testing✔️✔️
Theme updates per quarter (if needed)12
After-hours ticketing✔️
Price per month$630$1,080$1,530
Annual rate$6,300$10,800$15,300


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Isn’t Shopify support free from Shopify?

    Shopify does provide support as part of your ongoing payment to them. However, that support is limited in scope and may not cover more complex issues.

  • Do you have alternative means of providing Shopify support?

    If one of our paid packages isn’t a perfect fit for you, we can create a custom package OR you can use our on demand retainers.

  • Can Shopify stores be hacked?

    Yes, even Shopify stores can be compromised by malicious hackers. Usually this occurs through bad password management practices or compromised apps.

  • What are the most common problems with Shopify stores?

    Shopify stores frequently have problems with their dependency on 3rd party apps that may not be as reliable as the core platform. Further, customizations to themes can have unintended consequences.

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