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Strategic Online Marketing

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Simply having a quality product or service is not enough to make a business successful. One of the most important factors when it comes to running a profitable company is marketing.

Strategic marketing can get your company exposure to millions of people around the world. Sometimes, this can be all it takes to push sales to the next level and make a company extremely successful. Tremendous opportunities can be missed if a company is not taking full advantage of an effective online marketing campaign. Why not maximize your business’s potential and hire a team of professionals who have proven to be successful at these campaigns? Here at Coalition Technologies, we take the time and effort to understand the best apps on the market in order to run highly effective online marketing campaigns on your behalf.


It is imperative that marketing is implemented into every aspect of a website right from the get go. One of the best platforms for maximizing your marketing campaign when creating a website is Shopify. This content management system platform has integrated all of the newest most efficient marketing apps, making it one of Coalition’s choice platform partners. Coalition Technologies works with Shopify on every aspect of your business’s marketing needs. While marketing can be a broad and daunting task, Shopify makes it as smooth as possible by offeringan arsenal of marketing tools and apps that are highly effective when used correctly. Coalition’s team of Shopify experts is trained to use these tools, making sure you get the most optimized site when it comes to online marketing. Coalition is ready to help your company reach its marketing goals!

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Keeping communication with customers through email marketing can provide a lot of opportunity for businesses. Coalition partners with Shopify to allow your company to maximize on the benefits of email marketing. Some of the main benefits of email marketing are:

  • Email marketing is a great way to build customer loyalty by having constant communication with your customers.
  • Email marketing is mutually beneficial, keeping customers in the loop on current promotions and deals while driving them back to your site for more purchases.
  • Email marketing can also be one of the least expensive forms of advertising


Shopify offers a variety of apps that allow customers to have versatile email marketing campaigns tailored to fit customers’ individual needs. Some of the more popular apps Shopify has for email marketing include Mailchimp, Mad Mimi and Madify. These email marketing apps are designed to keep track of customers subscribing to your newsletter, making it easy to copy the list and send an email with new special offers or sales along with your newsletter. The Madify app splits customers into groups making emails better targeted, while minimizing messages that may be irrelevant to certain customers. Apps, such as Mineful and Campaign Monitor, track conversion rates from newsletters as well as perform tests to see what different copy works best. This can help you understand what is working and what is not working to bring in more revenue to your company. Shopify’s variety of apps helps cater to each company’s different needs.


Another effective marketing strategy Shopify has adopted is offering customers loyalty rewards. Shopify offers great customer loyalty apps that reward customers based on a number of factors.

  • PunchTab and Incentify are loyalty program apps that reward customers based on how much they purchase on your site.
  • Zferral is an app that offers customers rewards according to the number of referrals they make. Zferral makes it easy to track referrals and rewards customers accordingly.
  • Kudyou is a cool and unique app that offers charitable donations of the customer’s choice to any customer who makes a referral.

These types of reward offers can give customers incentives for sending more business your way!


Along with all these different apps, Shopify also uses Google Adwords to market your products to customers. Google Adwords gets traffic to your ecommerce website by advertising your store to people who search for things that are similar to your products on Google. Taking advantage of Google Adwords is a great way to generate more customers and gain more sales. When someone signs up with Shopify, they immediately get Google Adwords credits that apply to the new account. This is a great addition to your marketing campaign.


Shopify has joined the social media phenomenon to provide a more robust marketing campaign. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, are valuable marketing tools utilized by Shopify. Some advantages of using social media for marketing:

  • Social media can be one of the most precise forms of targeted advertising.
  • Social media advertising gives you the ability to target specific audiences who are interested in your company’s products.
  • Knowing cities, genders, age groups and interest groups from sites like Facebook can greatly increase the odds of getting customers and increasing sales.


Although Shopify provides plenty of effective tools for online marketing, it is important to have a team of professionals to efficiently use these tools to their full potential. As Shopify experts, Coalition Technologies is experienced in operating the many Shopify apps in order to maximize their effectiveness in bringing you more customers. Coalition Technologies has adopted the best marketing apps by partnering with Shopify to accurately meet your company’s marketing needs. Coalition’s experience working with Shopify has proven to bring success to businesses time and time again. Contact Coalition today to start reaching your company’s marketing potential!

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