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Shopify Plus Design and Development Agency in Los Angeles

Shopify Plus designers and developers are not all created equal. Coalition is one of Shopify’s longest standing Experts and has been building and marketing successful Shopify ecommerce stores since 2011. Do not start a Shopify Plus project without talking to Coalition first!

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Enterprise Shopify Design and Development

Shopify is a household name in ecommerce. Trusted, reliable, and cutting edge, it made its name with small and midsized ecommerce businesses. Shopify Plus, its enterprise version, extends that same outstanding software and service to larger, enterprise ecommerce merchants. We define those as ecommerce businesses handling over $5M in online transactions each year.

Coalition Technologies is one of the few Shopify Plus agencies with nearly a decade of design, development, and marketing experience on the platform. If you’d like an independent analysis of Shopify Plus and its potential for your business, contact us today.


Shopify Plus is Shopify’s offering for more successful ecommerce businesses than what it typically caters to. Its intended to offer more flexibility, more features and more support for enterprise stores that have greater demands on their ecommerce store. Over the past several years, Shopify has beefed up the Shopify Plus product and made it into a real contended for successful ecommerce stores.

The latest iterations of Shopify Plus are best suited for direct to consumer ecommerce businesses handling over $5M in revenue but less than $20M in revenue, annually. New features are in the works and have been recently launched to help it compete elsewhere, but other platforms may offer more value for businesses that don’t fall inside of this sweetspot.



As we noted previously, Shopify is most known for its small business offering. The vast majority of its 500,000+ customers do less than $100,000 in online revenue through the platform each year. While Shopify Plus has come a long ways since its launch, its still not a comprehensive solution for many businesses. Our digital strategy team can help you compare Shopify Plus, with other leaders in this category, including Magento Enterprise and BigCommerce Enterprise.

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Things to Consider

Here are some key things to bear in mind when evaluating Shopify Plus and Shopify Plus designers and developers for your new store:

  • Shopify is primarily driven by its success at the small business level and changes in that market are likely to govern changes in Shopify’s business direction.
  • Shopify Plus can be quite a bit more expensive than other competing Enterprise SaaS platform offerings. Our team of digital strategy experts can help you and your company evaluate your likely TCO for Shopify Plus.
  • Shopify Plus primarily differentiates itself from Shopify through API enabled features, rather than built in functionality. We can help you scope what customizations are needed and help you understand the potential risks and opportunities they present to your business.
  • Shopify Plus’ newest feature advantages are designed to support a greater portion of the enterprise B2B ecommerce market than before.
  • Many Shopify Plus agencies only have meaningful experience with a single platform. This means they recommend Shopify Plus because they lack the competency and capability to recommend other platforms.
  • Many Shopify Plus designers and developers depend on selling Shopify Plus stores to generate leads and sales for their agencies. This can cause questions to arise about their motivation in recommending it.
  • Many Shopify Plus designers and developers only began developing frequently on the platform within the last two years, after their prior platform commitments failed. Coalition is unique in that we’ve been working with Shopify for 8+ years.
  • Most Shopify Plus designers and developers do not understand what it takes to be successful at an enterprise level in SEO and SEM. They like pretty sites with novel UX, but fail to realize that poor strategy on the SEO and SEM side will cost you millions.


One of the big misconceptions about Software as a Service ecommerce platforms is that they ‘do it all’. The sales and marketing teams at SaaS companies push this line time and time again in an effort to build value in their monthly or annual costs. But these types of pitches often dramatically misrepresent (a) how things work, (b) how much they cost, and (c) differences between your current processes and theirs. You want your expert team to understand how your business needs to function, how Shopify Plus can naturally support your operations, and areas where customization is needed to make it really support your business.

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