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Staffed with industry-leading experts in SEO, web design and development, Coalition Technologies seeks to exceed client expectations through innovation, transparency and delivered results.

We work closely with you, the client, building next-gen web applications tailored to your needs and designed with your business goals in mind. Our teams devise and execute high-level strategies that combine data science, technology, and design, guiding every phase of your project to ensure that the completed application exceeds your expectations.
Who we areCoalition Technologies employs an international team of forward-thinking Math and Computer Science specialists who excel in designing and developing innovative, user-focused applications. When you sign on with us, you team up with experts to create web applications and solutions that deliver.

In addition, we approach every client relationship as a partnership. We work closely alongside you to develop applications worthy of your brand, all according to your goals. We are dedicated to building strong client relationships, and we achieve this by listening to your needs and aligning our work with your business objectives.

We are a full-service provider committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations. Our teams are flexible, and our goal is to remove any obstacles between you and your business goals. We achieve this objective by listening to you, understanding your needs, and using your feedback to design and develop web applications that are easy to understand, easy to use, and able to grow with your company.

Our approach is effective because we prioritize flexibility. This enables us to be responsive to your feedback and to optimize our workflow so that each step moves in your desired direction.

We Offer 360º Full-Stack Custom Software Development

At Coalition Technologies, our digital marketing experts will develop the applications and software programs you need. We collaborate through all phases of the web application development process, working with you to envision, design, and create solutions that run smoothly with your existing system architecture. We stay current with the most cutting-edge technologies and are always looking out for what’s coming next.

Our Web Application Development Process

Our Technology Stacks


Data Engineering


Content Management System (CMS)


Cloud Computing


Coalition Technologies is one of the leading SEO, web design and custom software development agencies in the United States. Our purpose is to provide exceptional online marketing services to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Our purpose and values would be meaningless if we didn’t have the personnel to deliver on them. To that end, Coalition is more than just a service provider or a product. We are a team of expert software engineers, web developers, inspired creatives, passionate digital strategists, and talented marketers.

Coalition’s team is over 150 people strong in Los Angeles, Seattle, and globally. Our leadership is committed to providing a great work environment and an opportunity for a better life. By hiring the best people and then encouraging them to constantly improve, we provide an unrivaled value to our clients.

Our clients rank #1 in nearly every major industry and in most major metropolitan areas. We’ve helped small businesses outperform Fortune 500 companies, and we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies achieve their most ambitious objectives. Our client roster contains household names as well as rising stars. If you have questions about app development costs or are seeking custom software development from a premier web application development agency, contact our experts today.

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