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Amerinote Xchange

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Case Summary: This direct business and mortgage note buyer’s website was hit hard by Google’s Penguin update, and as a result their search engine results ranking plummeted. Read on to find out how Coalition helped this client climb up in the search engine results again.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Abby, a partner at a San Francisco-based mortgage note buyer, enlisted Coalition to drive more qualified leads to their site and generate more conversions.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition’s team made several SEO improvements to Abby’s site, including implementing breadcrumbs tagged with microdata on the site, optimizing landing page copy, completing a comprehensive link profile analysis, building high authority links through several outlets, and implementing spam referral filters to limit spam referral traffic.

Result Icon Result

In a period of five months, organic traffic increased by 70.94%, going from 406 organic users in July 2016 to 694 organic users in December 2016. And, in the span of a month, social media traffic increased by 334.62%.

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