BigCommerce: The Best Platform for Your CBD Ecommerce Business

BigCommerce is one of the top ecommerce platforms for online CBD businesses. Paired with the right CBD website design company, BigCommerce will take your CBD business to the next level and make you stand out from the competition. Choose the CBD-friendly SaaS and ensure a friendly home for your products.

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Why BigCommerce Is the Best Platform for Your Online CBD Store

Since its legalization in 2018, CBD has turned into one of the most lucrative products in the healthcare industry, generating more than $4.5 billion in the USA alone. To stand out in this competitive market, you need a great CBD website design company to create your online store on a reliable platform and provide the CBD SEO services you need to market your products.

BigCommerce is the platform to simplify this process. Loaded with advanced marketing features, it allows any cannabis SEO company to accelerate your rise to the top. The basic website package comes with SEO best practices and mobile-optimized themes that create a solid foundation for a competitive cannabis shop. By providing valuable customer data, BigCommerce helps you excel in the CBD industry. Whether you want to sell directly to customers or third-party retailers, BigCommerce is the best platform for your business.

The Benefits of BigCommerce as a CBD Platform

For more than 13 years, BigCommerce has been providing a reliable platform for online businesses, serving over 60,000 satisfied customers. Its core features make it the best platform for your online cannabis business.


Extreme customizability gives your CBD website design company direct access to site codes

Marketing Features

Advanced marketing features and CBD SEO services

Advanced Tools

Intuitive design tools with Page Builder and advanced faceted search options

Less Maintenance

Open SaaS platform that eliminates the need for hosting and maintenance


POS (point of sale), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrations

Ecommerce Features

Industry-leading ecommerce features, including single-page checkout and abandoned cart recovery

Enterprise-grade Security

Enterprise-grade security with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS 3.2, level 1 certification

High Speed Website

Fast website speed and functionality with 99.99% server uptime

Payment Options

Connection to multiple payment providers with 0% transaction fees

Promotion Tools

70+ different coupon and promotion tools

Easy Management

Easy navigation for product purchase, inventory control, and order management

Excellent Customer Support

Expert 24/7 customer support

Coalition Technologies Is a CBD Website Design and Marketing Company Dedicated to Your Success

Coalition Technologies is a one-stop-shop for CBD business owners. We are an industry-leading cannabis SEO company providing comprehensive CBD SEO services to help businesses grow. Our partnership with BigCommerce lets us help you outperform competitors and build a loyal customer base. If you want to start a new online CBD shop or migrate an existing one to BigCommerce, our developers can create the ultimate optimized website for you. With their expertise in the HTML/CSS language of BigCommerce, they create a responsive, customer-friendly base for your online business.

If you’re thinking about re-platforming, we can help you migrate to BigCommerce and take advantage of its exclusive features. Our SEO-focused website migration and redesign can give your business a fresh start. Our world-class CBD SEO services keep our clients coming back to us to increase organic traffic and conversions. Our marketing campaigns and keyword strategies deliver higher revenue and rankings. As a cannabis SEO company, we have earned a 4.7-star rating on FeaturedCustomers and the number one spot on Google as a Los Angeles SEO agency.

Our CBD website design company paired with a premium ecommerce platform like BigCommerce is a winning combination to ensure the success of your online cannabis business.

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The Importance of Web Design and CBD SEO Services for Your CBD Shop

You only get one chance to make a persuasive first impression and grab the attention of your potential customers. With the level of competition in the CBD industry, a functioning website is not enough. You need a professional CBD website design company to create an engaging and user-friendly site to promote growth and build your brand. Our team gives you an eye-catching storefront to keep users on your page longer. Coupled with our CBD SEO services, a well-designed website will earn the trust of your clients and increase your conversion rate.


BigCommerce provides the platform and features for the developers to create responsive web design. Responsive design automatically adjusts your CBD website to fit any mobile, tablet, or laptop screen. It is an essential feature to increase your site’s authority and create an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.


Our CBD website design company is a full-service solution for your online business. CBD SEO services and integrated marketing strategies translate into high conversion rates. We target your ideal customer base with our purposeful marketing and SEO campaigns to increase sales and other desired conversions.

Web Design

With BigCommerce, we create engaging and user-friendly CBD websites with responsive design that holds the attention of your potential customers.

Web Development

The web developers at our CBD website design company bring the vision you have for your CBD business to life. The result is a flawless online CBD shop.


We familiarize ourselves with your brand and everything it stands for. We incorporate your voice and identity into every aspect of your business to reflect your values.

Online Marketing

As a cannabis SEO company, we target our online marketing efforts to the unique needs of your target audience. Our marketing experts launch rigorous SEO, email, and social media campaigns to increase traffic and revenue for your CBD shop.

Kanavia Organics

This CBD company came to us to increase revenue from website sales and build brand awareness. After six months of working with our CBD website design company, their organic traffic increased by 174% and revenue increased by 53%.


  • What CBD products can I sell online legally?

    You can legally sell many different CBD products online if they contain less than 0.3% THC. These include CBD oils, vapes, gummies, balms, and more. However, there are different stipulations if your products include other cannabinoids like delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC. These are all isomers of THC with slightly different chemical structures and effects. There are no federal regulations on delta-8 and delta-10 THC, and you can sell these cannabinoids legally in most states. Meanwhile, delta-9 THC is a schedule I drug and federally illegal. However, people in the states where recreational cannabis use is legal can legally purchase products containing delta-9 THC.

  • What concentration of THC can I sell on different ecommerce platforms?

    When you set up an online CBD store, you have to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. That means your product must have less than 0.3% THC, and you need to complete an Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. As a CBD website design company, we prefer BigCommerce for online CBD businesses due to its wide range of unique features for this industry.

  • How can I market my CBD products online?

    You can market your CBD products by implementing the latest SEO techniques, producing engaging content around CBD, and launching social media campaigns. That’s what we do best as a cannabis SEO company. Put us in charge of your marketing and benefit from our CBD SEO services while focusing on your product expansion.

  • What marketing channels can I use for my online CBD business?

    You can use many different channels to market your cannabis products online. Our marketing experts at Coalition Technologies will develop an optimized plan to advertise your brand, recommending the best channels for your unique circumstances. Some of the channels our CBD website design companyuses include SEO, email marketing, and social media paid advertising.

  • What are the best payment processors for online CBD businesses?

    Unfortunately, not all payment processors and banks will support CBD merchants. Chase Bank and North Bay Credit Union are among the banks that work with CBD merchants. Some CBD-friendly payment processors recommended by BigCommerce include:

    • USAePay
    • NMI
    • PayKings
    • SMB Global
    • Easy Pay Direct
    • PayWize
    • iPayTotal
    • PaymentCloud
  • In which states can I market my CBD products?

    You can market your CBD products in all states where selling cannabis is entirely legal. These states include:

    • Alaska
    • Colorado
    • Illinois
    • Maine
    • Michigan
    • Nevada
    • Oregon
    • Washington D.C.
    • Vermont
    • Washington

    In states where the selling of cannabis products is conditionally legal, marketing your products can be more difficult. These states include:

    • Alabama
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Idaho
    • Indiana
    • Iowa
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Minnesota
    • Mississippi
    • Missouri
    • Montana
    • Nebraska
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New Mexico
    • New York
    • North Dakota
    • Ohio
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • South Dakota
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia
    • Wisconsin
    • Wyoming

    You need to check all the requirements of your state before advertising. Our cannabis SEO company checks all the laws from every state before starting its marketing campaigns.

  • What is the best platform for my online CBD business?

    BigCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for your online CBD business. This Open SaaS platform has committed to supporting CBD businesses and offers numerous advanced marketing options. Its intuitive design allows our CBD website design company to create a highly optimized website for your cannabis shop.

  • Can I do paid advertising for my online CBD business?

    Unfortunately, Google bans CBD ads, but you can advertise your products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition to our CBD SEO services, we create successful Facebook ads and Instagram ads for our CBD clients that help promote their brands and increase their sales.

“Coalition Technologies has done good work so far and their communication is exceptional. In addition to sending detailed emails with all of the data pertaining to the project, the team has done work beyond the business’ expectations. They’re doing everything within their power to help our company propel forward. When I hired them, I thought they were just going to get the website to be visible on Google. So it was a pleasant surprise when I realized that they were also working on the website itself. Overall, they have the right people and tools to deliver.”

Jasmine Khachatrian, Kanavia Organics


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