Accelerate Growth on BigCommerce With Buy With Prime

Accelerate Growth on BigCommerce With Buy With Prime

Buy With Prime app for BigCommerce

Checkout has long been one of the bugbears of ecommerce site owners. Consider that average cart abandonment rates are as high as 70%. That’s a lot of money to be leaving on the table, especially once you’ve put in the work to bring a customer all the way to your checkout page.

A recent development has the potential to change all of that — namely Amazon’s rollout of Buy With Prime and its integration with BigCommerce.

This partnership enables all online stores on BigCommerce to offer their shoppers the option of checking out with Amazon Prime and all the benefits that come with that, including fast, easy deliveries. 

Here’s how to integrate Buy With Prime into your BigCommerce store and all the advantages that come with doing this.

Why Checkout Matters

It’s an understatement to say that DTC ecommerce is very competitive. The massive influx of brands online in recent years has led to retailers investing ever-increasing amounts into their online stores to ensure they stay afloat. 

The thing is, once you’ve put in a ton of money to attract a prospect, you want to make sure you make a sale. Unfortunately, there are a number of last-mile hurdles leading to customers abandoning their purchases. Online merchants lost as much as $705 billion to this in 2021 alone.

According to the Baymard Institute, the top three reasons users abandon their carts include high extra costs, the requirement to create an account, and slow delivery. 

What’s interesting is all of these are fixable. The same report says that with the right optimization strategies, retailers can improve their conversion rate by as much as 35%. This is where Amazon’s latest B2B export, Buy With Prime, comes in. It helps address checkout leakages by offering high-intent shoppers a trusted solution that they’ve already bought into — Amazon Prime. 

Buy With Prime is now available to all BigCommerce store owners in the U.S.

What Is Buy With Prime (BWP)?

BWP is an Amazon-supported integration for BigCommerce and other ecommerce platforms. It allows shoppers on your site to complete their purchases with Amazon Prime, offering them the seamless checkout experience and the fast, free deliveries they’re so used to, even when they’re not shopping on Amazon.

Once you add Buy With Prime to your BigCommerce store, customers will see a ‘Buy With Prime’ button on your selected products where they can check out with their Prime membership. 

When they click the button, they will be prompted to log into their Amazon account and the checkout menu will automatically pull all their preferred payment and shipping information from their Prime accounts. It saves them the hassle of signing up and entering a lot of information, letting them complete their purchases without interruption.

According to Amazon, adding Buy With Prime to your online retail store increases conversion by an average of 25%.

How to Integrate Amazon’s Buy With Prime With BigCommerce?

BWP has been rolled out at a platform-level across BigCommerce. This means that if you have a BigCommerce store, integration is pretty straightforward for you. You can do it in four simple steps:

  1. Go to your BigCommerce control panel and install the Buy With Prime app. Then select the storefronts you want to apply it to.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon Seller Account or Amazon Supply Chain Account and connect it to your app. 
  3. Confirm the linking of your BigCommerce products to Buy With Prime so that they sync automatically. With this, your Amazon integration on BigCommerce is complete!
  4. Choose which products you want to offer with the new feature and simply drag and drop the BWP button onto the page template for those products.

There are a few requirements you should be aware of before you try this:

  • At the moment, Buy With Prime is only available to U.S.-based businesses.  
  • You need an Amazon Professional Seller Central account to enable the link with BWP. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for one.
  • The products offering BWP must use Amazon’s fulfillment services.
  • The products must comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as with Amazon’s policies.
Ecommerce product page with Buy With Prime

Benefits of Integrating Buy With Prime Into Your BigCommerce Store

BWP is a win-win for both retailers and customers. 

Prime’s top-of-the-line benefits are unrivaled for the level of convenience they offer shoppers. There are over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide and 167 million in the U.S. alone. Merchants can capitalize on this loyalty by extending Prime benefits for customers on their own storefronts and accelerating their growth

Here are all the reasons why you should integrate Amazon’s Buy With Prime into your BigCommerce store if you haven’t already:

  1. Increased Engagement With BWP Badge

Once you sign up, you can display the BWP badge on your storefront, letting your customers know that your website offers the option. The product you’ve selected will also display the Prime logo and BWP button. 

Customers know and trust Amazon. In fact, according to the ecommerce behemoth, shoppers tend to actively filter products based on whether they offer Prime shipping or not. Adding Buy With Prime to your BigCommerce site lets you build on this trust to reach more customers and increase the chances of a purchase. 

  1. Free Speedy Shipping 

Arguably, the biggest reason customers subscribe to Amazon Prime is for unlimited access to one-day and two-day deliveries. In fact, it’s also reasonable to assume that shoppers have become used to this convenience and tend to expect it everywhere they shop. 

Buy With Prime on BigCommerce lets you extend this facility to your customers and they can shop with ease, knowing that they’ll receive their purchases very shortly. It also gives them some peace of mind, knowing that Amazon will deliver their orders reliably and that they can return those orders just easily using Amazon’s guaranteed fulfillment services. 

  1. Seamless Checkout Experience

BWP can significantly dent your cart abandonment numbers by taking away the need for customers to create an account. This includes filling out reams of personal, shipping, and billing data that users don’t need to do anymore.

With BWP, they can simply log into their Amazon account (from your site), which has all this information ready to use. This helps create an uninterrupted purchase journey for your customers, motivating them to return to your brand more often.

  1. Easy Fulfillment and Inventory Management

If you already use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) for your products, the setup is even simpler for you. As soon as a shopper uses Buy With Prime on your BigCommerce store, Amazon can ship out the product from inventories already stored at a nearby fulfillment center.

The process is easy since Amazon takes care of everything from storage to delivery and returns, so that you can focus on building your business instead of spending time on logistics. 

Amazon integration with BigCommerce also lets you centralize inventory management. You can control your BWP product catalogs and review your Prime orders and returns directly from your BigCommerce control panel.

  1. No-Code Setup

You don’t need developer or technical assistance to integrate Buy With Prime with your BigCommerce store. The process is incredibly easy and takes minutes, especially if you’re an Amazon seller already. Simply install the BWP app on BigCommerce, drag and drop the button to your preferred products and you’re good to go!

  1. Superior Customer Relationships

With Buy With Prime, you receive access to information about your shoppers, such as names and email addresses. You can funnel this data into your CRM database to offer better customer service and build enduring relationships with them.

You can also use the data for your retargeting campaigns to market relevant products to your customers, advertise seasonal promotions, and so on. It gives you a chance to build brand loyalty at a time when the concept is fast becoming extinct. 

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