Business Training Platform Software Review

If you are looking for an easy to use learning management system software with all the core features to train your employees, look no further than This online learning platform has everything you need to quickly and effectively implement a training program. Below you will find our in-depth review of the RomyLMS platform.

Full disclosure: RomyLMS was originally built by and for the team at Coalition Technologies. It has since separated and is under different management.

Since RomyLMS was built specifically for Coalition Technologies to start with, we have always had a very positive experience with the functionality and level of training management it provides. But since it has split off from our company, it has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to evolve and improve as a full featured learning management system software application.

As a high-growth company, we have to deal with a great deal of onboarding training, and none of the learning management systems on the market did what we needed. All the legacy systems were bloated with features and had a terrible UI. All the newer entrants, while having great UI, seemed to be focused on building one or two quirky features to differentiate themselves from everyone else. We needed functional eLearning software without any bells and whistles getting in the way of what we were trying to accomplish: training our employees.

In its first iteration, that is all RomyLMS did. You entered material, entered questions, and assigned it to users; just the core features of learning management system software. And it still does that, very well we might add. But now they have built in a lot more management features to make this process even easier for us.

The overall interface has improved significantly. Learners have a clear visual summary of their progress in courses with a progress bar on their assignments page. The reporting module makes it extremely easy to find any information you could want about your training program. It’s easy to navigate wherever you want in the system in just a couple clicks.

All the functions have been streamlined while still giving you the functionality to perform the necessary tasks for managing a training program. You can easily add users, structure your content into courses and catalogs, assign users material in a couple clicks, provide certification for successful course completion, and more! This is definitely the easiest to use learning management system software that we have seen.

And one of the main draws is their agility! They have been able to implement new features and fixes faster than any business software we have ever used. They are incredibly responsive when we have issues in the system and take pride in partnering with customers instead of just providing support.

Overall, we would give this system our highest rating. There is no better online learning platform choice for small and medium businesses. Below is our outline of RomyLMS.


  • Content creation / course authoring
  • User upload / easy in-system user creation
  • Tests / assessments
  • User feedback for content and assessments
  • Easy content organization
  • Certification
  • Progress tracker
  • Streamlined and modern UI
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Robust reporting options
  • Gamification elements


  • Available by phone, email, support tickets, and live chat
  • Takes support to the next level; really care about customers’ success with their system


  • Free for first 5 users
  • $2 per user per month after 5 users
  • You can get 6 months free for 200 users by writing a review and sharing it on your blog and social media


  • Cloud-based
  • Works on any device and browser

In addition to being free for the first five user, they also offer a free demo site.

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