Coalition Designs a Stylish New Website for Kay Celine

Coalition Designs a Stylish New Website for Kay Celine

Kay Celine website

We are thrilled to announce that we recently finished a brand new website for Kay Celine, a leading women’s designer clothing brand. Kay Celine puts a fresh spin on modern feminine clothing, and we were delighted with the opportunity to create an elegant online presence that compliments the company’s stylish and timeless take on women’s apparel. Our efforts were highly successful, and the result is a modern, chic website that is responsive and easy to navigate.

Kay Celine clothingAbout Kay Celine

Ideal for contemporary lifestyles, Kay Celine is a designer clothing company that transcends trends, instead opting for an enduring sensibility that will always be in style. Equal parts form and function, Kay Celine sells clothing that women want to wear. Kay Celine clothing is perfect for transitioning seamlessly between daytime and evening wear, and many of the designs feature lace for a touch of sophisticated femininity. Other materials that are commonly used include cotton, matte jersey, mesh, Lycra, and nylon. In short, Kay Celine sells versatile and attractive clothing that is a pleasure to wear.

The Website

In the past, we worked on Kay Celine’s SEO and PPC campaigns. The company was pleased with the results and decided to move forward with Coalition, requesting that we build a brand new website. We ended up doing a full build Shopify site for the company’s e-commerce needs, which features customized swatches that display only the selected color of top. In order to increase Kay Celine’s search engine ranking, we recommended a new template that features the company’s SEO copy prominently.

Kay Celine clothingThe Design

The Kay Celine website exudes elegance and practicality, much like the company’s clothing. The black and white design is classic and chic, and it allows the unique clothing designs to really come to the forefront. The website facilitates easy navigation between pages, making viewing and ordering items a breeze. We also connected the site to Kay Celine’s Instagram account so potential customers can connect with the company in real-time.

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