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The great thing about being a leading SEO and web development firm is the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele and to learn more about the world. Coalition Technologies has partnered with dynamic, passionate clients across a wide variety of fields. Since we recognize the needs of many businesses and organizations to expand their visibility, we’re constantly striving to push for amazing results that bring about real change.

Education Next

Education Next is a bold initiative from Harvard University. With a focus on gathering valuable educational policy information in the US, the organization advocates dramatic reform in the American K-12 education system. This level of dedication requires a measured, evidence-based approach that utilizes painstaking research and objective reasoning in order to move forward.  

On the, you can find a wealth of resources to help you sift through the contentious arena of educational policy in the United States. Data-driven editorials, case studies, charts and graphs, education news, fact lists, and information for getting involved are all available on the site, which was designed by our own web designers and developers.

The Project

Initially, Education Next reached out to us for home page development. Through our work with them, the client contacted us to help migrate their site from a previous server. Needless to say, everything went relatively smoothly and the website looks great. Our SEO team is working with our web development team to provide both an excellent user experience and favorable visibility on search engine rankings. This is a combination that consistently delivers the best results.

Most of the project decisions were made in-house at Education Next with minimal input from Coalition Technologies. Education Next had a particular vision and we were able to bring that vision to fruition through our work.

Challenges Overcome

booksWorking with such a prominent institution has its challenges. While we had the privilege of working with the ivy league school’s talented IT department, we understood that decisions would have to be made with multiple contacts in order to coordinate work throughout the process. Since the client was well aware of these decision-making policies, we made a concerted effort to keep an open line of communication and transparency throughout the project. Ultimately, we were able to utilize screen shares and opened up access restrictions to get the job done.


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