Coalition Fridays: Rush Street

We take lunch pretty seriously at Coalition. Every Friday the Coalition Technologies office goes out to lunch at one of the many local eateries around our Culver City office. Not that we need an excuse to enjoy ourselves, but we think it’s important to blow off some steam after a long week of hard work. This week, we headed down the street to Rush Street in Culver City for some of our favorite local faire. Between the grilled ahi burgers, the house-made onion rings, and the good company we brought with us (hint: ourselves), it was definitely a friday afternoon well-spent.

Anyone who knows Coalition knows that we’re basically a gang of foodies, so the news of our Friday lunch destination this week had the office buzzing before we were out the door. Rush Street is a seriously impressive space: two patio decks, two bars and two lounges, and hung all over with TVs, this is the perfect spot for just about any event: grabbing some beers and catching a game on TV, a cozy dinner…or a rowdy lunch with a team of fun-loving, hard-working SEO wizards and development gurus.

Coalition Team at Rush Street

Of course it’s not all just fun and games. Well, actually it is all fun. But after lunch, feeling recharged and energized (not to mention very well fed) we returned to the office to keep doing what we do best. At Coalition having fun isn’t a distraction from our work: it’s how we make our work the best it can be.

How many times did you hear “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” while you were growing up? Coalition takes that maxim to heart, which is what allows us to bring the level of creativity and quality to our work that our clients expect from us.

With the weekend coming up everyone was excited to share their plans at lunch. Looks like there will be lots of adventures to recount next week. From everyone at Coalition, we’re hoping you’re having as much out there as we are, and wish you a very happy, safe, relaxing weekend. Cheers!

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