Coalition Gives the TRUE Linkswear Site a Modern Overhaul

Coalition Gives the TRUE Linkswear Site a Modern Overhaul

TRUE Linkswear has been part of the Coalition Technologies family for quite some time now, and we are excited to announce a recent design update on the company’s website. TRUE Linkswear is a company that creates exceptionally comfortable golf shoes, and they have been quite successful at what they do. Here at Coalition, we are always inspired by other companies that push the boundaries of innovation, and we look forward to being a part of TRUE Linkswear’s exciting future.

True Linkswear shoesMore about True Linkswear

Golfers are always on the hunt for new ways to improve their game, yet footwear is often overlooked. TRUE Linkswear has taken golf shoes to new heights with a unique design that keeps the wearer’s heels and feet an equal distance off the ground. This zero-drop platform encourages a more natural stride, while keeping the body aligned in a healthy way. TRUE Linkswear shoes also promote better balance and stability when swinging. These shoes are made for walking, swinging, and maybe even dancing when you finally hit that hole in one.

The Redesign

A few years back, we decided that a Magento platform was ideal for TRUE Linkswear’s ecommerce requirements. This time around, we decided to give the website a modern update, remaining on Magento. TRUE Linkswear is a company that is all about the details, and we were happy to work with them to make sure that the brand is portrayed exactly as it should be. Excellent communication is the key to a successful end result, and we are happy to say that the results speak for themselves in this case.

Coalition’s Experience with Magento

True LinkswearWe are proud to be a top development and marketing partner with Magento. Our team is highly skilled at creating a user experience that is expertly optimized for conversions, while simultaneously letting the brand’s unique image shine through. We never sacrifice brand integrity, yet we ensure that the website is always reaching its maximum potential. Our experienced team is also able to integrate the latest custom features and plug-ins that are often out of reach for other developers. We also use our expertise to keep Magento pages ranking high on all of the major search engines.

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