Coalition Has Partnered with Switcher Studio

Coalition Has Partnered with Switcher Studio! Learn More About Our Social Selling Strategy

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As one of the market leaders in livestreaming, Switcher Studio has consistently been making waves with their innovative app that facilitates social selling, marketing engagement through live content, and much more. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Coalition is partnering with Switcher Studio to bring the future of ecommerce and livestream selling to our clients.

Live Commerce and You

Social selling uses social networks to establish and build on existing relationships with customers and other stakeholders. In the past, this definition used to be limited to marketplaces on social media platforms like Facebook, but we’re quickly seeing a paradigm shift here due to the popularity of multi-platform streaming. For example, businesses can now bring their in-store experiences to customers all over the world by simultaneously streaming on YouTube, Twitch, and other popular platforms. 

Live commerce isn’t just a localized trend that’s only relevant to a particular niche. Its effects have been far-reaching and have revolutionized the way brands are selling across multiple different industries. In fact, a study estimates that livestream purchases have grown by 76% since the COVID-19 pandemic alone. 

Switcher Studio’s track record is an excellent example of how social selling and livestreaming can be an engine for growth, no matter the industry you’re in. Whether it’s for B2B or crafting virtual experiences for small businesses, livestream selling is a solution that can adapt to your needs. What does all this mean for your business? Let’s take a look.

  • Increase Engagement and Conversions: Multi-platform streaming opens up new ways to boost user traffic, engagement, and sales. Businesses like Switcher Studio understand that effective livestreaming isn’t just a novel way of presenting your products to a new audience, it’s also entertaining.

    When it comes to social selling, the ideal platform will give you the tools you need to draw in your audience and keep them there. For example, Switcher allows businesses to craft engaging live experiences through dynamic features like embedded chatting. You can incentivize your viewers to participate and invite other friends by hosting giveaways at a moment’s notice, without ever having to leave the chair.

  • Enhanced SEO: Looking to move beyond basic optimizations and get your page to the top of the search engine rankings? Better embedded video content might just be the key to achieving those goals and more. Google’s recent focus on video indexing is a strong indication of the high on-site value that videos contain, whether that’s for livestream selling or just a standard video.

    This also marks an important social selling opportunity for affiliate marketing departments. Embedding videos on a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%. You’re not just helping your audience see your products in a new light by embedding videos, you’re also allowing search engines to better understand your content through smoother indexing. 
  • A Solution For Every Event: Businesses operating on a growth mindset rarely ever stick to one type of content in the long term. From hosting informative video podcasts to collaborating with influencers in real-time on the stage, live commerce is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through social selling. 

    Smaller businesses that are looking to grow rapidly will benefit immensely from influencer marketing and livestream selling. You can discover new audiences by creating content with leading influencers and enjoy the increased ROI that comes with a viewership that is guaranteed to be interested in your products. Similarly, B2B businesses can easily invite industry experts and collaborate through podcasts and virtual experiences. 
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This exciting new partnership is bound to enrich Coalition by boosting audience engagement and conversions while promoting successful collaborations with influencers. Multi-platform streaming is the future of content commerce, and we’re ready to take it to the next level with Switcher Studio.

Why Switcher?

Switcher Studio is an all-in-one livestreaming and video production app that makes it easy for brands to build connections with live content. What differentiates Switcher from other livestream apps is the team’s focus on solving the everyday problems faced by businesses engaged in social selling with groundbreaking new features. 

Powerful Live Video Editing, On The Fly

If you’re just starting out with your business, or even if you’ve got a few years of experience building your brand, jumping into live content can be daunting. Hiring a team of producers for livestream selling is expensive if you’re looking to do things the conventional way. Switcher Studio disrupts this status quo with an app that does the work for you.

Say you’re looking to get your name out there with a live sales event that pulls out all the stops. Naturally, you’ll want to spare no expense in bumping up the production value with multiple camera angles and mics, crafting a truly memorable experience for your viewers. Switcher Studio makes social selling easy with support for up to nine devices at any time for a single stream. Download the app, select your devices, and start streaming.

editing a stream on the Switcher Studio app

It’s easy to get set up and stream with your livestream gear, but what if you’d like to make changes to your stream while you’re live? With Switcher Studio, you can add logos, graphics, and multimedia to your stream and edit them on the fly. Being able to do this all through the same app cuts down on latency and gives streamers full control over their content. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to get interactive with your livestream selling, like adding banners to announce giveaway winners and shouting out superfans. 

Simplify Cross-Platform Promotion

Social selling is easy when you’re targeting just a single platform and its audience. Matters tend to get more complicated if you’re looking to branch out and build connections on social media platforms where you don’t already have a presence. Switcher Studio facilitates this with its direct integrations for Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and other popular streaming sites.

For instance, if you’ve already got a decent community of followers on Facebook, you can quickly grow one on Instagram with multi-platform streaming. Collaborate with an influencer or an established business in the same space by inviting them onto your streams while still catering to your usual viewer base. Being able to stream to multiple websites reduces the work involved, both for you and for the people you’re working with.

Designing templates for multiple streaming platforms can be expensive if you’re just getting started with social selling. Switcher Studio includes built-in tools for quizzes, Q&As, polls, and even templates for graphics to help you increase audience engagement from day 1. Switcher keeps every session interesting, no matter what you’re selling on your livestream.

Designed To Sell

Switcher Studio’s suite of workflow and post-production tools has been built from the ground up to engage audiences and sell effectively. 

  • Seamless Integration: A study by Shopify reveals that about 46% of customers prefer to watch a video of a product before committing to a purchase. Shoppers want to interact with brands in more meaningful ways and Switcher’s integration with popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook makes that possible. The powerful Switcher player can be embedded into your website for an immersive browsing experience. In effect, customers never have to leave the website to explore products and make a purchase.
a chart showing popular social selling platforms
  • A Better Way To Sell: Social selling and live commerce unlock a new way to show off established products. Go beyond static images and the same boring angles with livestreaming selling. Using multiple devices, you can show audiences how your products work in action and give them the ability to explore your collection at their pace.

    What makes live commerce so appealing for businesses is that it’s a 2-way street. Potential customers can use the stream to communicate with you in real-time to learn more about your products. You can set up a separate booth to answer questions and even ask for feedback during the event. 
  • Stay On-Brand: Built-in templates and preset intros are great to have if you’re trying to jump into social selling quickly. That said, most brands will want to have a strategy in place if they’re going to stick with multi-platform streaming in the long run. The option to upload your creative assets to Switcher’s app makes this process a lot easier, allowing businesses to stay on-brand with their own assets. Additionally, support for pre-recorded intros and outros is a great feature to have considering how difficult it can be to open and close hectic live events.

  • Replicate The In-Person Experience: Livestream selling is a lot more interactive than just passively watching a pre-recorded YouTube video. With Switcher’s marketplace integrations, brands can replicate the in-person shopping experience and allow shoppers to play an active role in every stream.

    How does it work? Say a viewer is interested in learning more about a shirt being shown on stream. All they have to do is type ‘Shirt 100’ (or any other trigger phrase), and they’ll be given the option to add that particular product to their cart right from the app. Bubbles containing additional information like prices and sizes can also be configured to pop-up at a moment’s notice. 
two phones showing off livestream selling
  • Switcher Player: Multi-platform streaming generates a goldmine of content, and you don’t have to lose access to it once you’ve gone offline. You can repurpose that content for other social media channels and turn livestream selling into a passive source of traffic with ecommerce videos. The app’s native clip creator allows users to directly share clips to Facebook and Instagram, cutting down on the otherwise lengthy process of exporting clips to an editor and uploading from a third-party app.

A Natural Fit

Whether it’s a video podcast or social selling through a TikTok stream, SEO and live content go hand-in-hand. Coalition chose to partner with Switcher Studio because we understand that effective SEO, CRO, and live streaming have the potential to create a powerful loop that can organically boost conversions. By bringing in more traffic to store pages and optimizing the conversion funnel, we can open the door for Switcher’s live experiences to engage diverse audiences. 

Our skillset is a natural fit here. For example, we can use live video SEO to increase both traffic and optimize conversions with a tighter script and keyword integration. Additionally, Switcher’s post-production features like the option to create clips from livestream selling can help us drive traffic with VOD content with SEO-focused titles and descriptions.

Optimize Your Social Selling Strategy

Whether you’re blasting off with multi-platform streaming or focusing on live video for an established audience, Switcher Studio represents an exciting glimpse at what the future of ecommerce could look like.

Coalition has been helping clients in achieving their true potential with focused digital marketing, SEO, and CRO strategies, and we’d love to do the same for you. Reach out to us to find out how we can grow your business, and get a free strategy review today.

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