Coalition Makes a Splash with Thrust Hostels

Why Thrust?Coalition Technologies is excited to continue our partnership with Thrust Hostels, a Florida-based startup company that provides hostels that accommodate the LGBT community. Thrust Hostels has a unique vision, and the company has enormous potential to change the way that people view hostels and travelling in general. Thrust Hostels is currently seeking investors, and we were absolutely thrilled to continue working with this progressive company at the ground floor.

More about Thrust Hostels

In addition to providing chic, modern, and fabulous lodging options at surprisingly affordable prices, Thrust Hostels give guests the opportunity to enjoy group activities, tours, and planned excursions, allowing guests to meet new, like-minded people while travelling. Thrust is committed to sustainability, safety, and security, while still giving guests a decadent and memorable experience. Thrust’s unique vision promotes diversity and individuality, and the niche market makes Thrust Hostels an excellent investment opportunity with plenty of scalable growth potential.

Coalition’s Involvement

We initially partnered with Thrust Hostels to create a custom single-page website to show the world what Thrust has in store, and also to give potential investors a simple way to get in involved. Following the successful launch of that page, we have since moved onto creating a splash page and mobile prototype to further improve the company’s web and mobile presence. The splash page was built using WordPress, and we used Invision for the mobile prototype. We are pleased to say that the client was extremely happy with the outcome, due largely in part to the exceptional design and thoughtful, timely communication.

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