Coalition Teams Up with Laser Operations LLC

Coalition Teams Up with Laser Operations LLC

Laser Operations LLC

Laser Operations LLC is a manufacturer of laser products based here in Los Angeles, CA, and we are excited to announce our recent collaboration with them. This company is at the forefront of the laser technology industry, so brainstorming a website for them was an exciting challenge for us. We are pleased to say that we have created a website that matches the brand, is simple to navigate, and is highly responsive.

About Laser Operations LLC

Lasers are still a relatively new technology, and Laser operations LLC is a leader in the field. The company manufactures laser products for medical, industrial, and consumer applications. Some examples of applications include in digital cinema, laser surgery, remote sensing, and dermatology. The company performs all business operations in a massive 18,000 square foot factory here in L.A. The company’s staff is highly reputable, and includes many veterans of the photonics industry.


The Website Design

It’s clear that Laser Operations LLC is a company that is consistently breaking new ground in their industry, and we were inspired by that. We wanted to create a website that matches the futuristic, modern aspects of the brand without going overboard. We ended up redesigning the old website with a custom filtering tool for their site wavelength search using WordPress as a backbone. The result is a site that responds quickly, looks fantastic, and is very easy to navigate.

Choose Coalition for Your Web Development Needs

Here at Coalition Technologies, we take tremendous pride in the work we do. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a website that surpasses your expectations. We work alongside our clients to realize their vision, and then we work together to make it even better. If you are interested in a free consultation, give us a call at (310) 827-3890 and we can get started today. Make your web presence match your company’s ambition with Coalition Technologies.


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