Coalition Teams Up with NS Corporation

Coalition Technologies has just finished up our recent work with NS Corporation, and we are excited to announce the site’s launch. NS Corporation is the largest vehicle wash manufacturer on the West Coast, and has been revolutionizing the industry since the early 1960s. This innovative company relies on simple designs to create highly effective products that get the job done right, with very little maintenance required. Naturally, we were thrilled to work with NS Corporation!

About NS Corporation

NS Corporation helps its retail, transit, and rental customers to increase profit by providing affordable equipment that make vehicles look their best. Maintenance can be extremely expensive when it comes to car washing equipment, and NS Corporation’s uniquely simple designs drastically reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, NS Corporation car wash products are ideal because they carry a smaller energy footprint than other similar equipment. Everyone wins when partnering with NS Corporation.

About NsThe Website

We wanted to create a website that provides plenty of information about NS Corporation, as the company has a rich and fascinating history. We also wanted to include tools for generating leads. This intuitive website allows potential customers to easily inquire about the products and services offered by NS Corporation. The website itself is highly responsive, and the design is modern, while still direct and to the point. We used the WordPress platform, which allows for highly effective SEO practices and simple updating. NS Corporation’s old website lacked the modern look and feel people expect from today’s industry leaders, and we believe that our design is a major step forward for NS.

What Is Next?

Populating the new website took slightly longer than we expected, and back-and-forth communication delayed the project slightly. However, we believe that the results are well worth the time spent. The client was very happy with the initial phase of this website, so we will be moving forward with phase 2. The second phase of this project involves creating Magento pages for NS Corporation’s e-commerce needs. We want NS Corporation’s customers to be able to easily purchase certain products, and we believe that Magento pages are an ideal solution for the company.

Team Up with Coalition

As you can see by our work with NS Corporation, we take enormous pride in what we do. Like NS Corporation, we are leaders in our field, and we have the skills and experience to create websites that surpass even the highest expectations. Our team works directly with each client to ensure ideal results without exception. Every business has a unique vision, and we are able to help you to realize that vision, while still offering valuable input based on our many years of experience in web development.

Contact Us Today

If your online presence is lacking, now is the time to give us a call. Having a quality website that ranks highly in major search engines is absolutely crucial these days, and that is never going to change. For a free consultation, give us a call at (310) 827-3890. Don’t let an outdated website hold your business back. Contact Coalition Technologies today!


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