Coalition Year in Review

Coalition: Year In Review

Firing On All Cylinders

2023 was one of Coalition’s best years yet. We had the opportunity to work closely with hundreds of wonderful businesses to help them perform and rank like champions. 

The results speak for themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of 2023.

Coalition took charge of Google Ads this year, launching over a thousand successful campaigns across the platform. Keen-eyed observers will notice that we also kickstarted over 30 successful campaigns on Demand Gen, the exciting new update to Discovery Ads this year. Let’s break down those numbers.

1,777Google Ads Campaigns LaunchedThe total number of campaigns we launched across all of Google Ads’ advertising channels, targeting various platforms and audiences like YouTube and Gmail.
722Search Network Campaigns LaunchedWe launched 722 campaigns showing text-based ads for our clients on Google search results pages and partnered websites.
507Performance Max Campaigns LaunchedA relatively new addition to the Google Ads arsenal, Performance Max campaigns use machine learning to optimize ads for the perfect audience.
117Standard Shopping Campaigns LaunchedOur 117 Standard Shopping campaigns targeted platforms like Google Shopping with eye-catching product ads.
184Display Network Campaigns LaunchedDisplay campaigns are one of the best ways to find a relevant audience using video and image-based ads on platforms like YouTube.
70Smart Campaigns LaunchedAs simplified and automated versions of the Search, Standard Shopping, and Display campaigns, these impressive 70 Smart Campaigns helped us find customers for our clients while being budget-friendly.
143YouTube Video Ad Campaigns LaunchedA whopping 143 YouTube Video Ad campaigns helped us engage hundreds of thousands of viewers with personalized ads. 
32Demand Gen Campaigns LaunchedDemand Gen campaigns launched just recently, back in June 2023. We hit the ground running with a series of effective campaigns across Google Discover, Gmail, and YouTube (In-Stream and Shorts). 
2App Campaigns LaunchedWe helped our clients’ apps reach thousands of new users with two highly effective App campaigns across platforms like Search and the Google Play Store. 
12,357 Ads Launched The cumulative result of all of our campaigns, over 12,000 unique ads told your story through videos, images, and text.

Turning Heads With PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a vital part of succeeding with ecommerce, and it can triple your revenue in a year with minimal spending – if done well. This year, over 21 million PPC actions tell us we did it right.

20,800,000 ClicksClicks are a measure of the interest that an ad generates in a product or brand. In just 2023 alone, over 20 million people liked what they saw in our ads. 
756,000 ConversionsA conversion refers to any desired action that a visitor could take after clicking on an ad, from buying a product to signing up for a mailer. Our ads urged over 750,000 people to make the right call with our clients.

Social Media & Email Marketing: Starting a Conversation

From Instagram to your email inbox, Coalition had its foot in the door with innovative social media and email marketing strategies.

9,720Social Media Posts We went all out on social media with over 9,700 posts for our clients, all customized to build their unique brand and optimized to perform with the best.
1,747Email & SMS Campaigns LaunchedEach full-fledged email and SMS campaign involved creating unique email/SMS lists, designing content, A/B testing for performance, and post-launch monitoring.
3,150Automated Drip CampaignsAutomated drip campaigns involve pre-written emails designed to reach an audience at a particular time, like welcome emails. Over 3,000 automated drip campaigns helped Coalition reach audiences at the right time, driving sales with precision.

The Coalition Roundup

From SEO to technical edits and site launches, everything we did in 2023.

119Coalition Blogs Set LiveFrom the latest SEO trends to watch out for in 2024 to cutting-edge web design tips, we wrote about it all in 2023.
33Sites LaunchedOur expert web designers and SEO experts worked hand in hand to launch 33 full-scale optimized websites, ready to rank well from day 1.
197,071Commits MadeWe stayed ahead of the curve, keeping an eye out for potential bugs and errors. Our teams updated web code nearly 200,000 times. Outstanding performance needs a watchful eye.
10,233Coding HoursOur developers put in the time to ensure each client’s website performs at its full potential. 
36Full Web Design Mockup Projects CompletedOur 36 complete web design mockups featured detailed graphics, copy, and page layouts. We left no stone unturned in uncovering your potential.
139Website MockupsEach website mockup included full layouts, colors, and content for the finished project. 
31,599SEO Pages ProducedAt Coalition, we know what it takes to get your business ranked #1. We went there and then some with 31,599 fully optimized pages, including new content, re-optimizations, and so much more.

Let’s Talk 2024!

We couldn’t be happier with our performance in 2023, and we’re ready to break those records all over again this year. To find out what makes Coalition Technologies the right choice for your business, reach out to a digital strategist today to make an effective plan for your business.

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