CT Gets Fighting Fit with Gloveworx

CT Gets Fighting Fit with Gloveworx

GloveworxGloveworxOur friends at Gloveworx invited us to come down to their studio for an exclusive boxing workout session. Always up for a challenge, we piled into two cars and took a field trip to Santa Monica. Once our gym shorts were on and our hands were wrapped, coaches Antonio, Dustin, Steve, and Karl led us through a series of blood pumping, heart pounding, sweat inducing exercises that left us feeling … well, pumped, pounded, and sweaty.

Over the course of the eight-round workout, we alternated between working on our punch technique in the ring—remember, feet turned slightly forward, let your weight support your move, and whatever you do, don’t let down your hands—and testing our own personal limits with grueling cardio. The Gloveworx coaches made sure to keep the challenges fresh and unpredictable: one minute we’d be powering through interval training on the exercise bikes, the next we’d be honing our uppercuts, and then we’d be fighting to stay up in plank position during controlled pushups.

No matter what level of experience or physical fitness we came in with, we all felt genuinely challenged and bettered by our team workout. We were all sore for days afterward, of course.


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