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As a Los Angeles web design firm, Coalition Technologies builds sites that are forward thinking and that are responsive to the direction that the web is headed. By now most of you will have realized that the explosion of tablet PCs, Android tablets, and iPads are revolutionizing the way that people access the web. Equally fast growing are the number of mobile users who are accessing the internet through their smart phones.

It is very important to have a website that is designed with this is in mind. This does not mean paying some low level template company to have a ‘.mobi’ domain. Your site should have an advanced feature set that are quickly loading, but that are equally engaging, for the mobile device user. If you and your web design partner strategically plan this now, then you can avoid being behind the curve when all of your competition has advanced mobile focused website developments.

Image of Mobile Website Design
Be prepared for mobile platforms!

Very few website design companies and agencies put a lot of thought or time into discussing this with their clients. Why? Most of them are afraid to address the costs. It does require a lot of specialized coding, testing, and development to be able to build a website that is just as appealing on a desktop as it is on someone’s Android tablet.

But if you’re investing in it now, it has a better chance to be a benefit to your company- you’ll be one of the first and the few, rather then the donkey’s ass. Early adapters usually see longer term benefits from their investments then do companies that are trying to play catch up.

If you are planning on investing in a website, and your business would be better served by reaching customer’s in the car, out shopping, traveling, or in a home repair emergency, then make sure that you ask about a mobile website design with a great, easy to use layout and functionality.

Coalition Technologies would love to be your partner in those efforts. We offer full service web site design, including mobile development, application coding, SEO, and more in the Los Angeles area.

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