Developing a Marketing Strategy for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery marketing is a lot like performing an incision. You need to know exactly what you’re digging into, and you need to apply a very sturdy touch, otherwise you may find yourself with a bloody mess on your hands. So why is it so critical to find just the right plastic surgery marketing company? You wouldn’t put your facelift in the hands of an unskilled doctor – and you shouldn’t entrust your marketing to a firm that doesn’t know a rhinoplasty from a rhinoceros.

Your Industry is Different

Every industry has its own set of marketing do’s and don’ts, but plastic surgery is especially delicate. For instance, you’re not just dealing with people’s outer beauty; you’re dealing with their self-esteem. If your message is too soft, you’ll lose the power of persuasion. But if your message is too aggressive, your prospective customers will be insulted and likely turned off. With so many liabilities at stake, your marketing campaign must also be mindful of the kinds of promises it makes and the kinds of health claims that it promotes. Yes, there are a lot of legal, ethical and strategic quandaries at work here, and we haven’t even begun to discuss the actual marketing methods.

Marketing for Plastic Surgery in the 21st Century

The vast majority of plastic surgery patients are now turning to the Internet for reviews, recommendations and options. Review sites like RealSelf and HealthGrades can quite honestly make or break your business, depending on how your services are being rated. Furthermore, if your competitors are spending a fortune on search engine optimization (SEO) services, you might not even have enough of an online presence to make an impact on the public. As you can see, plastic surgery marketing must be handled from a variety of equally important fronts. An impactful campaign must address:

  • Search engine optimization – the process of building a prominent search engine presence for your business.
  • Search engine marketing – like Google AdSense, for instance. There exists great potential in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and other forms of paid advertising, but it must be approached with meticulous expert strategies to ensure a sizable return on investment.
  • Reputation management – the process of ensuring that Web surfers find information that paints your business in the most positive light.
  • Content management – the creation of persuasive, content-based marketing materials that turn curious visitors into loyal customers.
  • Social media management – the leveraging of social media to build a following and generate leads.
  • Public relations – this would include media coverage, targeted press releases and viral content strategies.

Coalition Technologies – Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Company

If you’re looking for the kind of plastic surgery marketing company that can help you establish yourself as a world leader in cosmetic solutions, call Coalition Technologies today at (877) 989-7187.

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