Differences Between Bigcommerce and Magento Go

Magento Go will be shutting down for good on February 1st, 2015. This might be sad news to you if you’re a current user of the eBay-owned shopping cart solution, but don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of other options out there for you, and they’re right at your fingertips.

Magento Go has been facing a lot of competition and pressure from alternative options for online storefronts. Here we will compare Magento Go to a popular alternative e-commerce solution: Bigcommerce.

Magento Go’s Well-Known Features

What will most users of Magento Go probably say is best about their shopping cart program? The price. Magento Go is (was) affordably priced for small-scale businesses and local storefronts. If you’re one of these users, you probably won’t be too happy when you find yourself having to pay a little more each month for a new service. Don’t worry. As we’ll explain a little later, you’ll be happy with what you’re paying for.

Magento Go also was equipped with an excellent support network, consisting of video tutorials, live chat support, email support, and more. Users of the e-commerce service could find help basically whenever they needed it. This is helpful for small outlets, because these businesses typically don’t have an in-house technical support staff to rely on.

How Bigcommerce Lines Up

When you line up these top Magento Go features side by side with an alternative program (in this case Bigcommerce) here’s what you get:

For SEO, Bigcommerce has built an impressive reputation for being awesome when it comes to SEO. The software gives you the power to create your own custom URLs, keywords and even 301 redirects. You can optimize to the fullest potential of your business, far beyond the limits of Magento Go.

When examining the marketing aspects of Bigcommerce outside of just SEO, Bigcommerce equips you with more marketing tools than most alternative e-commerce solutions. Tools as specific as the Facebook “Like” button are built into Bigcommerce’s software, so you can have “likable” product pages and go viral with your content. Pretty cool, right?

Magento Go was big on customer support, so you’re probably wondering if Bigcommerce is the same way. They are. Bigcommerce offers live chat support and video tutorials, and they’re especially ready for new users migrating from Magento Go, so have no fear, Bigcommerce has your back if you choose to migrate to one of the top names in e-commerce software.

And of course, there’s the price element. Magento Go was limited in its capabilities, and was therefore cheaper than some of the more in-depth alternative solutions. Bigcommerce comes equipped with a ton of different customizable features and analytical tools, and it’s available at a price comparable to Magento Go.

Find Out More

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