E-Commerce Trends for 2015

As 2014 closes up shop and 2015 opens for business, retailers in the digital marketplace are gearing up for another year of selling, marketing and strategizing.

2014 brought some changes to the world of e-commerce, but with even bigger changes on the horizon with e-commerce trends for 2015, we’re expecting some key trends to surface in the coming year.

A further increase in mobile purchases

It’s the holiday season, and consumers are doing their holiday shopping from their mobile devices more than ever before. We’re at a point in our greater global village where it is no longer uncommon to predominantly use the internet for buying gifts and presents, and now a focus is being placed on mobile shopping as a primary means for holiday purchases.

Purchases made using a tablet or smartphone saw a significant increase this year over last, ringing in with an upswing at just under 50%. With the large-scale increase in mobile usage by consumers all over the world, this increase will likely continue as more and more consumers join the mobile revolution. A 2015 upswing would gain traction from new mobile consumers as they become prone to using their smartphone or tablet for a variety of life situations.

Traditional retailers playing an even bigger part in the e-commerce show

In 2014 (specifically during the holiday season), we’ve seen that traditional in-store retailers are beginning to gain traction in the digital marketplace. Old-school, big box giants like Walmart are becoming increasingly relevant online rather than just in-store. Walmart’s mobile app is up and running, providing shoppers with price comparison convenience and a variety of other features, and other large-scale retailers have developed similar mobile e-commerce solutions for their shopper base.

Best Buy is another prime example of a traditional in-store retailer stepping up their e-commerce game. Within these e-commerce trends for 2015, Best Buy has been working diligently at owning their piece of the online shopping pie, with TV ads focusing on shopping their website and plenty of digital ads enticing consumers to head on over to their website to check out some great deals.

These retailers are placing a heavy focus on positioning themselves for e-commerce success as digital continues to gain popularity for purchasing. With this focus showing itself clearly in the 2014 holiday spending season, we’ll be expecting an even bigger e-presence from traditional retailers in 2015.

Smaller-scale outlets increasing mobile marketing

With providers like Magento and Shopify making it easier than ever for small and mid-sized storefronts to have a top-notch online store, this element of e-commerce trends for 2015 should be among the most evident. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are using e-commerce solutions to create and maintain an online store that fits the needs of both themselves as a retailer and web traffic as consumers.

Specifically within offering a well-kept website, mobile continues to gain traction among small-scale outfits. In 2015, we’re expecting a further increase in mobile marketing for smaller-sized businesses looking to maximize on the mobile revolution.

Maximizing on the e-Commerce Trends for 2015

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