Employee Benefits at Coalition Technologies

Employee Benefits at Coalition Technologies: What Makes It a Good Company to Work For?

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As a 100% fully remote modern workforce, we have carefully chosen unique benefits for our team members to promote a healthy, better lifestyle. Without our talented team, we couldn’t do what we do. So it’s vital that our employees receive the benefits and support they need to stay happy and thrive here at Coalition Technologies.

We understand that the success of any organization is dependent on its employees. This is one of the fundamental aspects that make Coalition Technologies a good company to work for. By giving our staff access to amazing benefits that increase their quality of life, we are able to produce better work for our clients. Maintaining and growing our client base allows us to expand our benefits and reward our employees for their hard work. Recognizing that this cycle starts with employee satisfaction is what sets us apart from other organizations. 

As modern workplaces evolve, it’s important to understand which benefits draw prospective candidates to a workplace. Indeed, a company’s unique benefits serve several purposes, such as:

1. Attracting the Right Candidates

The benefits a company offers are crucial to attracting the right employees as it can be quite costly for a business to hire the wrong person. To attract the right people, Coalition Technologies has designed a benefits package with unique bonuses such as phantom stock options and profit sharing. These not only make the company a good place to work, but are directly tied to an employee’s performance and reward those who go above and beyond.

2. Presenting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

It’s no secret that having a healthy work-life balance is a top priority of people in the workforce. Giving employees the flexibility they need to be productive as well as lead a fulfilling life outside of work is fundamental in today’s society.

3. Promoting an Engaged, Inclusive Work Culture

The world is more connected than ever, which is why it’s important to appeal to a wide range of workers who come from diverse backgrounds. Because of Coalition Technologies’ global workforce, the company has made massive efforts to implement good benefits for everyone, no matter where they are based.

4. Setting Ourselves Apart From Other Companies 

It is crucial for organizations to set themselves apart with benefits that are unique and go above what is considered standard in their respective industry.

Working From Home

The ability to work from the place of your choice has immense benefits. Remote work has gained a massive boost of interest from prospective candidates since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While most companies were required to shift their workplace style to online, Coalition Technologies was already there. Since 2010, Coalition Technologies has recognized how a fully remote workforce benefits our company in numerous, good ways.

We Are Able To Find the Best Talent 

By expanding our virtual borders, we are able to source and locate the brightest candidates worldwide. This has led us to build both a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Remote Work Increases Productivity 

It has been reported that productivity is increased by 13% when employees are able to work from home. Our team members have space to focus, fewer office distractions, and the freedom to create a personalized and attractive workspace for themselves.

Having Happy and Healthy Team Members 

The team members at Coalition Technologies agree that having the freedom to work from the place of their choice is a good benefit that our company offers. And, if a team member needs to change locations, they can bring their work with them- wherever they go.

We recognize all of the hard work and commitment from our team members on a daily basis. Everyone deserves to take some well earned time away from their computer screens. It’s why we offer an increasing amount of paid time off year after year, reaching up to 25 days. 

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By implementing this kind of vacation benefit, employees at Coalition Technologies can maintain a good work-life balance during their tenure at the company.

Health Insurance 

We are proud to provide competitive coverage in the United States, offering medical, dental, vision, and life coverage. We’re extra proud to be able to extend this offer to all of our team members around the globe. Providing health insurance to team members in different states and countries is no easy feat, which is why many companies shy away from offering this benefit. Coalition, however, embraced this challenge head-on so that everyone can take advantage of this essential benefit.

Coalition Technologies is thankful we’ve found a good way to ensure that no matter where you are working from, our company can help take care of your health and well-being with our insurance benefits.

Gym Reimbursement 

Not only does Coalition offer great options for team healthcare, we encourage team members to be physically active and lead a healthier lifestyle. Coalition Technologies provides employees a monthly Gym Reimbursement to get our team members up and moving! 

According to the Center of Disease Control, staying active provides both immediate and long-term benefits. 

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Being physically active supports better sleep, reduces anxiety, and even lowers blood pressure. Long-term benefits include a stronger heart, brain, and bones, reduced likelihood of cancer, and much more.

Device Upgrade Program 

Coalition Technologies knows our workforce would be unable to do good work without efficient and reliable technology. Maintaining and upgrading our devices is a key component to ensuring our company keeps up with industry standards. For that, we offer a special benefit: our device upgrade program. 

If a team member purchases a new device for working, we will contribute towards the cost of it. Some commonly purchased items include laptops, monitors, PC memory upgrades, and even ergonomic gadgets to improve work-from-home comfort. If someone joins our team who already has high-performance equipment, they can opt to receive a cash bonus instead.

Learning Reimbursement Program 

We love to reward those who take initiative towards gaining new skills, especially if those skills relate to the kind of work we do every day here at our company. Some common uses for our learning reimbursement program are digital marketing and SEO-related courses, gaining certifications, such as Google Analytics, or purchasing reading materials relevant to your position and career growth at CT. This program goes hand in hand with one of our most important benefits, our Career Development goals.

Career Development Goals

Coalition Technologies believes in developing and motivating our team. Our Career Development Goals keep team members continuously moving forward, reducing stagnation in our ranks. With clearly defined goals, we know which job activities to prioritize and what is required to become top performers. 

Additionally, our individual goals are tied to individual rewards. This means we always know what we will gain when we achieve our goals. Rewards are clearly written out. They can be things like pay raises or even promotions. These incentives keep us excited and motivated to always do our best.

Does this sound like the kind of place you’d thrive? We’re looking for people who are driven, cooperative, and ready to grow!  Apply here, become a part of our team, and experience for yourself what it’s like to work for a company that invests in its employees.

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