Facebook Integrates Spotify

Wow, no matter how much I talk about these things, I never can quite keep up.

Innovation? Nope. Creativity? Nope. Big companies swallowing smaller companies’ products to emulate other big companies? Check.

Facebook will be integrating Spotify into its user profiles, allowing for individuals to stream music through their Facebook account, share that music with friends remotely, and otherwise copy a billion other services that are out already. So why would Facebook bother? Facebook wants to be MySpace! Okay, so maybe Facebook wants to do what MySpace does, but without getting knocked out by an up and comer. So whats the best way to do that?

Drag your feet!

Rather than trying to be the first guy to the innovation, just wait until someone else discovers somethings useful, buy them, sue them, or coerce them into choosing between you and another competitor. Perfectly sound business strategy.

We’re essentially seeing the lock down of the internet, folks. One company swallows another one, or puts them under contract for their core product, thus officially removing them from the playing field. For the small tech company founders, like those at Spotify, undoubtedly the Facebook deal sounds like a godsend. They’re getting access to one of the most internet addicted user bases on earth! That’s gotta be good right? Sure, but its also bad. Whereas Spotify used to be a stand alone product and company, they are now forever tied to the Facebook product, regardless of how independent their contract might make them seem to be. Not a brilliant move if they really wanted to continue to be the innovator in their field. Facebook has continuously demonstrated that they aren’t interested in letting their little zuckling companies that they pick up do their own thing. A year from now, Spotify will be gone altogether, or the staff will be transported to Palo Alto where Zuck can keep a closer eye on them.

And besides, who wants to be associated with the leadership team at Facebook? How many lawsuits have they had brought against them for violations of share trading, concept theft, copyright violation, and more? Why put your company in bed with that? Did Facebook promise to run a smear campaign on your competitor?

I don’t know. I’m sure there is a lot of money in this deal which is always a good reason to do anything, right? Or is that prostitution. Oh well.

Facebook users, congratulations, you’re now back at MySpace!

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