Freelance Copywriter


The ideal copywriter will be someone who has excellent English writing and editing skills and is excited to write focused content on behalf of our clients.

Our client base ranges from professional service providers such as lawyers and dentists to swimsuit and automotive retailers to tech start-ups. Therefore, we need someone who is good at research and has the ability to quickly review professional copy on a variety of subjects and discover any issues with the copy and send it back to the copywriter.

The ideal candidate for this position is a talented, experienced writer or editor who has created SEO content and has a strong familiarity with online marketing. The candidate would also need to be responsible, self-motivated and well organized.

Throughout the contract we will expect weekly updates on the status of your copy editing and writing assignments and will primarily communicate via email. The expected workload will be 5-40 (500 word) articles to be written each week. We anticipate that the articles will take an 15 minutes or so to edit (hence this is a part-time job requiring no more than 10 hours per week. We will pay $4 per article on the 1st and 15th of each month, upon review and approval of your work. We will pay $14 per page for each 500 words of copy writing.

We also offer bonuses for exceptional work and dedication.

How to Apply:

To apply, please click here: Freelance Copywriter

Please fill in the form and click submit. If you meet our requirements, you will be hired to begin working on a freelance basis immediately!

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