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Getting the Dream Job: Working From Home

Working from home

Working ● from ● home

/wɘrkiNG frɘm hȱm/

The act of sitting in the comfort of your own home and making money in pajamas

The days of people believing that those who work from home are ‘lazy’ or ‘unskilled’ are over. Instead, it’s become the ultimate goal of those who aspire to do more than work a 9-to-5 job until retirement. If you’re working from home – you can travel the world, spend more time with family, cut out extra expenses like gas for commuting (average commute is 26 minutes), and enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere.

This series of Getting the Dream Job is going to focus on:

  • Tips to get a job working from home (let’s face it – it isn’t easy to land a job online)
  • How to stay motivated in the home environment
  • Remaining healthy both physically and mentally during the transition
  • How to respect the privilege of this new method of employment.

The beginning of this entire process can be the most daunting of all. How should you act? Should you be funny and let your personality woo over your potential boss or be pristine and professional? Should you dress up or keep it casual? So many questions! Here are some tips to help you land the perfect job:

To be or not to be…

Dressed Up.

Our skills tests are designed to weed out those serious about getting a job from those not so serious. You’d be surprised at the lack of professionalism that floats across my desk on a regular basis – from videos filmed in the back of a cop car to close-ups of excessive cleavage. It might not be an in-person interview process – but crude humor/casual attire/etc. is still considered unprofessional and should be avoided. It’s understandable to think that these types of things are not important because ‘hey, I’ll be working from my living room anyway!’ but that’s not the case. If you’re serious about working for a legitimate company, it’s safest to dress the way you would for a regular interview during any part of the process where your appearance is requested.

Work from home


Ah, the class clown that thinks they’re so funny. While it might seem logical to incorporate your personality into a written application, sometimes humor is the illogical choice. Without the ability to see your face and hear your tone of voice, it often comes across as out of place or as a mockery of the process. It’s best to answer the questions honestly and let your personal style of written communication shine through in a professional manner.

The whole point is to remember that, even though you’re not in an official office building, you’re still working for a legitimate company. Don’t get too stressed about the process or the little details – just stay professional and show respect for the time commitment the recruiter is going to put into reading what you have to say and watching your introductory videos.

Do you have another question about the interview process for an online company? Feel free to chat us your question and it might be featured in an upcoming article!

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