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Google Apps Review- So big it can’t see around itself


I’ve been hammering my head against the wall for the last two days, working with a client to recover Analytics access after they set up a Google Apps account. They’re working on getting Adwords up and running (Google’s moneymaker) but don’t get the Analytics reporting that they want since the account access was screwed up by changing their domain services over to the Goog.

We’ve contacted Google Apps support, tried around a half dozen different suggestions that they had to no avail, and have contacted Google Analytics support (who don’t really exist by the way) and tried the one suggestion they’ve prompted in two days to no avail.


I thought we were talking to the biggest organization on earth, the one that was pushing the ‘cloud’ as a way to free yourself of the restraints that localized software/hardware set ups put on you. Instead, I feel like I’m talking to three fully separate companies that have no concept of how to get anything done inside the other one’s territory.

To me, this doesn’t seem like that complicated of a process.

We have analytics installed on the client’s site. Why not take the unique tracking identifiers that are associated with that installation and use them to transfer Analytics admin access to the new organizational Apps account. The client has already confirmed ownership of the site- how hard can this be? I own the site, but not the Analytics?

Come on Google. If you really want to have the right to claim be all, end all, in the search market and websphere, then you really need to figure this type of stuff out early and without much customer frustration.

I’ll be much more cautious about recommending Google Apps to anyone after seeing how poorly this has gone.

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