Google Mobile Friendly Website Tag: How To

Have you heard about the Google mobile-friendly website tag for SEO? If you haven’t yet, you will soon enough.

Few things are more irritating than trying to navigate a normal-sized website on a pocket-sized touchscreen. Links are bunched up together, which is fine for picking out with a cursor, but beyond the dexterity of your finger. Reading a sentence is a careful process of scrolling right and then scrolling left again to pick up the next line.

It’s not a pleasant experience, and certainly not one you’d wish to visit on a user scrolling through your website on his or her smartphone. And now, thanks to a new update, your website’s shoddy mobile optimization may affect your place in Google Rankings.

Google’s New Rules

So what’s the deal with the Google mobile-friendly website tag for SEO? When users search with Google on their smartphone or mobile device, some of the websites Google presents in its search results will now be labeled “mobile-friendly.” A website earns this label by fulfilling certain criteria of Mobile Optimization. These include:

  • Lack of mobile-unfriendly technologies, such as Flash
  • Legible text
  • Website sizes content to user screen (no side-scrolling to read!)
  • Spaces links apart to facilitate easy finger tapping.

For those of you staring in horror at your Flash-happy, text-laden website, don’t panic. Google has also made a variety of tools available to users to help them make their websites more mobile-friendly.

Put on a Friendly Face

A good first step would be to give your website a quick Mobile-Friendly Test to see what your site needs to be its best mobile-friendly self. From there, get into the Webmaster Mobile Guide for ideas and techniques to improve. Google also provides a helpful mobile usability report that gives you a full diagnostic of your site’s mobile usability, and highlights major crucial issues within your current layout. With all of these tools at your disposal, Mobile Optimization should be quick and easy.

Join the Party

Google Mobile Friendly Website Tag

Using a third-party service like WordPress or Tumblr to run your site? Check this third-party software guide for help crafting a mobile-friendly template for your website. Make sure none of your site’s visitors get turned away by an unfriendly format!

We are, of course, more than happy to help you with whatever mobile optimization needs you may have. Whether it pertains to the Google mobile-friendly website tag for SEO, or general online marketing and development, we’re here for you.

Contact Coalition technologies today at (310) 827-3890 and find out more about how we can help you succeed. Mobile traffic has grown exponentially over the past few years with no signs of stopping, and keeping your website up to Google’s new standards will ensure that you won’t miss out!

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