Google Music vs. Apple iTunes

Google’s Android, meet Apple’s iPhone. Oh you’ve already been introduced? Huh. Just thought you guys might like to meet since you have so much in common? Oh. You don’t like each other? Why?

While hypothetical and completely fictionalized, the conversation/introduction above undoubtedly would end in violence.

Google waits in an alley for an unsuspecting Apple
Danger, danger, danger, Steve Jobs!

In another move, pulling Google further away from its core search offerings and into new territory, Google is set to announce its new Google Music player application and ‘cloud’ storage service today. The end target? Putting a fist squarely in the gut of Apple and Apple mobile devices.

Apple started their resurgence on the back of iTunes and iPods. They managed to rebrand their whole company and allow Apple fanboys everywhere to come out of the closet once more all with a simple hand held mobile music device. They literally reinvented the wheel and have been riding it ever since.

That little music player has helped distinguish Apple and its mobile device and mobile tablet offerings for quite some time. Everyone knew that it was one of Apple’s most secure industry and product areas, but Google can’t let that be.

With their new cloud music storage feature they challenge Amazon, and the addition of their Google Android Music Player application allows them to enter the mobile music market immediately. By enabling the many new Android tablets and smart phones to have music playing/storing capability, Google is trying to remove yet another reason the buying public might consider going with Apple rather than an Android platform device.

Apple still has the music industry behind it (despite ridiculous charges to Artists/producers) and Google can’t repeat that easily.

The launch of the new mobile application and the cloud storage come without any major labels on board, supporting Google’s efforts. It sounds like there might be a little bad blood remaining from Google’s numerous attempts to subvert copyright law. But undoubtedly a lot of this may be tied to the fact that iTunes is the largest music distributor on the planet and nobody wants to be seen getting in bed with Apple’s enemy.

In the end, Google has the money to make this push work. We also know that Google Android has enough of a market segment to make this a very real threat to Apple and its iTunes-centric empire.

It remains to be seen how this influences and in what manner their ability to deliver their core products.

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