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The Penguin is up to his old tricks…and there’s not a thing Batman can do about it. If you want to escape the clutches of this particular Penguin, you’re going to need some help of the digital variety. No batarangs, no tricked-out ebony sports cars, just a storm of highly effective, Google-approved SEO damage control. Yes, the Google Penguin updates have long run their course, replaced by a complete SEO overhaul commonly known as Hummingbird, but many businesses are still scrambling to get back on track after suffering the Penguin’s merciless wrath, and the more recent Hummingbird changes aren’t make matters any easier. So what can you do?

Penguin – A Fond Look Back

If you’re still confused by the notion of being hammered by a digital search engine penguin, perhaps we should start at the beginning. Penguin is the popular code name of a Google algorithm update that first reared its ugly head in 2012. Like the equally annoying Panda update that preceded it (and also coincided with it, but that’s another convoluted story…), Penguin sought to lay the smack down on websites that violate Google’s ever-changing and endlessly confusing Webmaster Guidelines. Above all else, Penguin set its sights on websites that would attempt to raise their search engine rankings by engaging in link schemes (buying links, trading links, posting spammy links on other websites, taking part in link farms), effectively criminalizing everything except for high-value links and sausage links.

If you experienced a dramatic drop in traffic and revenue during the 2012-2013 Penguin era, you may have been a casualty. The ongoing Penguin updates caused tremendous stress and frustration to many webmasters and business owners who were just trying to remain competitive and level the playing field in a marketplace overwhelmed by these tactics. But now the damage is done, and the Penguin continues to haunt and torment you, despite your most fervent penance efforts.

The Problem with Penguin

The problem with inbound links is that you can’t simply delete them like you would delete a blog article. Oftentimes, you can’t tell which links have gotten you into trouble, and even if you have an inkling, you can’t always get in touch with the link provider and make the problem disappear. What’s worse, if your site has been manually flagged by Google (a process known as Manual Spam Action), your site may even blacklisted, and that doesn’t go away on its own. If you’re tired of fighting the battle in vain, Coalition Technologies is here to help.

What We Can Do For You

At Coalition Technologies, we work with ecommerce businesses large and small to restore their rankings and online presence, even when sites have been completely de-indexed by Google. Call us for a free quote at (877) 989-7187 and we’ll share our Google Penalty recovery strategies and services with you in detail. Don’t fight the battle alone. Call Coalition Technologies, and let’s take care of business.

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