YouTube vs. Netflix

Google (Youtube) vs Netflix

We’ve talked extensively about Facebook vs Google and the ongoing battle of one likeness (rather than one-uppance). These two companies continue to show their true colors and their fear and inability to be an industry leader in creativity and innovation week after week, day after day.

Snapshot of Youtube Store
Way to copy, Google! So good at copying!

The latest bit of news is that Google is going to be launching the YouTube Store. The Store will be a full online rental and viewing service through Youtube that allows Google to compete with another strong online brand- Netflix.

It comes as no surprise that this is more widely published the day after Netflix posted some strong results about its subscriptions and earnings (making it one of the largest entertainment subscription services on earth). Google has proven lately that it is interested only in borrowing, begging, suing, and stealing away from other companies that have proven time and time again that they are innovative and creative in their product offering.

I hope that Netflix kicks Google’s backside and sends them home to actually focus on their search results and working on better conceived and better delivered algorithms.

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