Happy Birthday to Coalition Founder and CEO Joel Gross

Joel's birthdayCoalition takes Friday very seriously. Though, you might not know it to see the CT office on a Friday. See us going to one of our company lunches at a local cafe or restaurant, or having one of our customary Beer and Brainstorming sessions at the end of the day, and you might be surprised to know we’re undergoing one of our most exciting periods of growth in the company’s history. We’ve taken on new clients and new team members to bolster our ranks, and as excited as we are to welcome new people into the CT fold, this past was Friday was special for everyone at CT: Friday was our CEO Joel’s birthday!

The Boss Is Coming. Quick! Hide!

Joel, our CEO and resident healthy living expert, isn’t the type to make too big a spectacle of his birthday. That’s okay, though, because we decided to make a spectacle out of it on his behalf. It’s not every day we have such a ripe excuse to spoil our boss, and if we’re honest we’d rather be eating cake and delicious cheese than working on a Friday afternoon. Everybody wins!

Anyway, we knew we’d have to spring a party on Joel, so we’d been planning his in-office surprise party all week. Our office managers may or may not be secret agents, because they got all those delicious cupcakes and treats into our office and put away without Joel even noticing. From there it was just a matter of waiting…and finding the right distraction to keep Joel occupied while we set out the spread.

Our CFO, Kenny, was the brave soul we convinced/suckered into “distracting” Joel. We have to say Kenny did well, since he got Joel into his office with the door closed for long enough for us to set up the food, turn off the lights, and try and stuff 20 some-odd bodies behind one kitchen counter until Joel emerged.


So our plan worked perfectly. Big surprise, right? Not even a little. We plan for the best for a living. Joel, and the rest of the office, loved the cupcakes, though everyone just might have been more into the prosciutto and brie. Can you blame us? It was another Friday full of treats, laughs, and just the right amount of mischief at Coalition.

And, since we think everyone should get what they want on their birthday, after the party was over and all the treats had been eaten, nommed, stolen or scarfed, we all went back to work. Whoever said life was too important to be taken seriously? That makes no sense, but taking fun seriously makes a lot of sense to us. It’s a huge part of what makes us, well, us!

So a big happy birthday to Joel, and big thanks for running such a tight, fun ship here at CT. We all know, coming in to work, that we can look forward to a day of hard and rewarding work, but having a place to laugh while you work makes the rewards all the greater. We hope you enjoyed getting to share in our celebration. Cheers!

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