How to Analyze a Website

analyze a websiteThe internet is a competitive place, and it’s getting more populated by the second. While it offers access to an incredibly large base of potential customers, it is getting exponentially harder to be seen by those people. In a modern web culture, clients aren’t likely to browse through multiple pages of results when choosing a product or service. Being at the top of the list means everything. As a result, knowing how to analyze a website is more important than ever.

Here are a few indicators to keep in mind when determining if your site is performing at its highest level.

Consider the Site’s Rankings in Search Engines

The ultimate measure of how your site functions involves where it places in the results of search engines such as Google or Bing. A site at the top of the page has reached the pinnacle of success and will convert this position to significantly increased sales. It will draw more visitors and build more brand equity by proving the professionalism of your enterprise.

analyze a websiteGauge the Level of Traffic

A healthy growing site will continue to garner more internet traffic. Be aware of sudden drops in the number of visitors and the potential changes in the structure of the site that may have led to it. While it seems like a very basic method regarding how to analyze a website, it is also a very telling one. Drastic negative changes in internet traffic is an indication of poor site health, and a warning that it may be time to consult a professional.

Consider How Many Visits are Converted to Sales

Ultimately, you not only want people to land on the site, but also buy something while they’re there. Programs such as Google Analytics can offer useful information in determining how to analyze a website, such as the behavior of visitors and the correlated percentage that bought something. Lower-than-expected sales conversion statistics may be a sign that the content or structure of the site is interfering with its potential.

Evaluate User Experience

One of the most basic components of how to analyze a website is to asses how user friendly it is. Does the page load quickly? Is it logical and easy to navigate? Is the content engaging? Returning visitors are the most valuable, and most likely to recommend your services to others. Professionals like Coalition Technologies can conduct page speed tests and other analytics to ensure your site encourages repeat traffic.

Is it Fully Optimized?

The basics of how to analyze a website revolves around making sure that all the SEO components are finely tuned and providing the maximum benefit. This involves ensuring the content includes the relevant keywords to attract potential clients and rank itself above the competition, checking that the meta data falls within effective parameters, evaluating the site’s link building campaign and the quality of those links, as well as other SEO-dependent factors.

While having a basic level of SEO knowledge can be very helpful in improving your site’s performance, a professional service is often required to achieve maximum results.

That’s where we come in.

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