How to Create Customer Loyalty and Build a Higher Lifetime Value

While bringing in new customers is a crucial part of business marketing, learning how to create customer loyalty is equally important. There’s no point in attracting a lot of attention if you don’t offer something special that keeps your customers coming back for more. While quality products and services count for a lot, there are many other factors that will help keep people loyal and interested in you.

This topic was recently touched on in a Reddit thread entitled “What Company has Forever Won Your Business?” In it, users of the popular news and entertainment website commented on the behaviors that kept them coming back to their favorite businesses.

1. Taking Part in the Community

Engaging with your audience over social media can help you learn how to create customer loyalty. Interacting on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will not only show your customers that you care about them, but it will also give you a better idea of what products or services they’d like to see become available at your business.

How to do it: If social media doesn’t come naturally to you, getting started might make you feel a little intimidated. Begin by setting a few easy goals, such as posting to Instagram three times a week, responding to twenty tweets, or making sure your Facebook page is updated with your newest items for sale.

2. Staying Consistent

Perhaps the most important factor in how to create customer loyalty is consistency. As many Reddit users pointed out, there isn’t one thing a business can do to keep them forever loyal. Instead, customers are looking for a business that is willing to keep working hard to impress.

How to do it: It’s great to celebrate when your business is doing well, but remember: never become complacent. Work hard to ensure that you and your employees are doing everything possible to make each and every customer interaction a great one.

3. Practicing Integrity

There will be times when even the most savvy business owners or employees make a mistake, and owning up to these errors is a big part of how to create customer loyalty. Establishing a foundation of trust will strengthen your reputation as a business owner.

How to do it: Always have a plan in place to ensure your customers are taken care of after a mistake occurs. In some cases, an apology might be all that is required. In others, you might want to offer a discount on future purchase, a free item, or another incentive to help show your customers they are important to you.

4. Being Loyal in Return

When working to determine how to create customer loyalty and create a higher lifetime value, consider giving something back to your most devoted fans. People love saving money and receiving free perks, so having special gifts for those who have proven themselves true to you is a great way to increase the positive online chatter about your business.

How to do it: Make your customers happy by offering loyalty discounts and freebies when you can. You can also offer special deals to your customers who follow you on social media.

5. Going Above and Beyond

On the Reddit thread, one user commented that he kept returning to his favorite gyro shop because of their willingness to give their customers as much meat as they’d like with their meal. There are plenty of businesses that do the minimum, but a company that exceeds customer’s expectations is truly memorable.

How to do it: Offering a few free samples or a small gift with each order is always helpful in learning how to create customer loyalty, but don’t forget to also offer quality customer service. Train your employees to treat your customers like family. If they call with questions or concerns, going above and beyond to ensure they are happy by the end of the conversation will serve you well.

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