La Seo Cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain

If you ever have a chance to visit Zaragoza, Spain, you’ll definitely want to stop by the La Seo Cathedral. It is also known as the Cathedral of the Savior and is a UN World Heritage site.

The Cathedral is renowned for its beautiful architecture, but also has a long history that is characteristic of the ongoing conflict and the various rulers of Spain throughout history.

Originally the site was a Roman forum, before a mosque was constructed by Hanas ben Abdallah as San’ani there. But when the region was conquered by Christian Crusaders under Alfred the First, (also known as the Battler), the mosque was reconsecrated as a Christian church. The reconsecration efforts were completed in 1121. In 1140, the mosque was demolished and the construction of the new cathedral began. As time passed, the church underwent various complete remodels, renovations, improvements, allowing it to carry a wide variety of cultural and architectural influences.

We’ve attached some images of the La Seo Cathedral for you to view, and definitely take a peak at the video above. Its reputation as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain is well deserved.

While I have never been able to tour the La Seo cathedral, I would love to. The sites that are protected by the World Heritage designation are unique, and extraordinarily important to mankind.

La Seo Cathedral in Zaragoza Spain

A striking profile of the La Seo Cathedral

Another view of one of the exterior La Seo walls

Amazing detail on the walls of the La Seo Cathedral

Interior view of the highly detailed La Seo

Amazing artistry from the interior of the La Seo Cathedral

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