Level Up BigCommerce Content Management With the Advanced Metafields App

Level Up BigCommerce Content Management With the Advanced Metafields App

While BigCommerce is a robust platform, there are certain limitations as to the kind of information that the turnkey platform can handle. Want to store more specialized information about your products—colors, pricing schemes, etc.—without having to depend on your developers? Read on to find out how our clients have used our Advanced Metafields App to enable their ecommerce content management system to easily store specialized or unique information, no coding required.

It was integral to helping home decor brand Inhaven showcase the full range of their products while ensuring they got the full SEO value out of their content. 

See how the company was able to add more flexibility to their store and more value for their customers with a best-of-breed metafields app.

Benefits of Using Advanced Metafields to Streamline Content Management

Metafields are a handy way to add custom data to parts of your ecommerce store. The Advanced Metafields app lets you add data at the product, variant, category, brand, order, and channel level. 

Advanced Metafields backend resources

Here are all the advantages of using Advanced Metafields (AM) to streamline content management:

Easy Fields Management

There are different types of content you can add in a metafield. AM lets you add over a dozen different types of content or form fields and field validations. These include text, multi-line text, number, video, URL, HTML, file upload, and more.

Easy-to-Use Content Management System

Create a complete user interface system in the backend to help clients easily manage content. You only have to set it up once and let your clients use it in perpetuity to manage output at the frontend. 

Extensive Flexibility

Control everything from the visibility of the form field on the frontend to its appearance with dynamically generated code for your theme files. The best part is, you don’t need an expensive external headless CMS. You can store all your data in BigCommerce and access your data via standard storefront API.

Mass Import and Export Metafields

Create or update metafields for all your resources via a CSV. Easily export and import your metafield data with progress updates and process logs to keep track.

Onboarding and Support

We provide a free demo session and onboarding for AM. Coalition Technologies is a certified BigCommerce partner and is available for rapid support and resolution.

The Advanced Metafields app is perfect for any ecommerce business that wants to add custom content or data fields across their store while reducing time spent on site management.

Advanced Metafields Transforms Customer Searches for Inhaven

Inhaven is a B2B supplier of home decor and household supplies for vacation and short-term rental homes. Inhaven wanted to provide property hosts with extensive choices for their products, particularly in terms of color. 

For instance, Inhaven sells a host of blue-colored towels, such as marine, ocean, sea foam, spa blue, and more. These aren’t necessarily optimized search terms. “Light blue” is an optimized search term, but labeling them all light blue would create duplicate product descriptions.

Inhaven towel color variants

They needed a solution that could make their products searchable, preserve color accuracy on BigCommerce, and avoid duplicate content. It had to be a backend solution that would save time, was easy to implement and update, and was compatible with existing integrations. 

Advanced Metafields was exactly what they needed. The app uses channels for simple color mapping. It allows you to create a grouping mechanism, letting customers filter by color, but with a unique hex and product description for each product. 

Inhaven metafields schema

The result of this was that AM saved hours of manual coding and description updates. It offered Inhaven shoppers a streamlined site with vastly improved UX to search on.

Inhaven store managers now permanently have a control filter on the app that they can use instead of having to constantly toggle between the frontend and backend. This saves a lot of time for store managers who can directly update color data without having to resort to developers.

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