LiteCommerce Designers & Developers in Los Angeles

litecommerce designers & developers in los angelesWith its customizable PHP platform, LiteCommerce puts the world at your fingertips. But if you want to get the most from this emerging eCommerce solution, you’re going to want to cast aside the out-of-the-box functions and manipulate the engine to its full capacity. Because when you rely on the stock settings of LiteCommerce, or any other CMS platform for that matter, you’re not projecting your own vision. You’re projecting the vision of the shopping cart company. But as an eCommerce business owner yourself, you want to distinguish yourself; you want to truly make a name for yourself. Coalition Technologies, the premiere LiteCommerce designers & developers in Los Angeles, can help.

Can’t I Just Choose a Theme and Build a Website?

In all honesty, LiteCommerce makes it extremely easy to build an online store in minutes, with absolutely no technical knowledge required. The content management system allows you to accomplish just about everything, from building your site to managing sales. And while the platform is extremely affordable, there is a greater price to be paid when you settle for second best. Your site may technically function, but it won’t reflect the uniqueness of your business. Furthermore, the built-in themes and configurations are extremely limited in terms of both style and functionality.

Let’s say that you’re planning to open a restaurant. Which option do you think would appeal to a greater number of customers? A hole-in-the-wall property in the middle of a strip mall, or your own building equipped with the color schemes and architectural layouts reflective of your brand? The answer, of course, is simple, but if you settle for the pre-designed LiteCommerce themes, you might as well be buying property in a cheap strip mall. If you want to rise above your competition, you need to set yourself apart. With the right LiteCommerce designers & developers in Los Angeles, you can accomplish just that and more.

Coalition Technologies – Your LiteCommerce Designers & Developers in Los Angeles

It’s not enough to simply hire a designer/developer. You need a team of specialists, each of whom excels in his or her chosen field and understands LiteCommerce inside and out. You need Coalition Technologies. We work with LiteCommerce every day, and our designers, developers and marketers understand all of the essential trades, including branding, design, programming and search engine optimization.

If you’d like to move your online business out of the strip mall and onto the Boulevard, give us a call today at 1-310-827-3890 for a free quote. Let us show you how we can take your business to new heights of success, with the kind of expert design and development that only Coalition Technologies can provide.

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