Magento Go Alternatives

By now, you’ve probably already heard the news that Magento Go will be shutting down for good on February 1st of this coming year. You’ve probably also heard that if you’re a current user of the shopping cart program, you’re faced with an important decision that requires action sooner rather than later. If you’re one of these affected Magento Go users, this news probably leaves you wondering what your alternatives are outside of the soon-to-be-defunct Magento Go service. Don’t worry, we can help.

There are a variety of other programs and services out there which are similar to Magento Go and contain many, if not more, of the same features that you’re used to. Below are a few viable alternatives to Magento Go.


We partner with Shopify and can help you make the decision to switch over. Contact us to learn more.

Shopify is an ecommerce web program that counts over 100,000 online stores in its network, making it an impressively large outlet in the online shopping cart world. The program is known for being simple to use and efficient in functionality, and Shopify can handle any small business online shopping needs you throw at it. Its services are affordably priced and won’t hurt your budget as your migrate to your new shopping cart program.

A notable mention on Shopify’s design: its features are perfect for local storefronts, but in the SEO area, Shopify falls slightly short of similar programs.

You can request a free 14-day trial and check out Shopify’s features here.


Bigcommerce, another company we partner with, offers a cost-effective, fully customizable online store service with affordable pricing for store and technology add-ons. A well-known alternative to the Magento line of programs, Bigcommerce gives users the ability to customize their online stores to exactly the way they’d like their shop to function and appear.

Bigcommerce offers useful tools and widgets for users, such as their analytics tool, which allows users to track promotional data and shopping trends. Features like these are designed to be easily understandable and simple to use for any type of retailer or small business outlet.

Specifically with SEO, Bigcommerce performs exceptionally well, and can be a great asset to your online business in general.

Find out more about Bigcommerce as your new ecommerce service here.

Magento Community and Magento Enterprise

As you probably already know, Magento Go was one of three programs in the Magento ecommerce lineup, designed for small-scale retailers.

A notable plus to the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise programs is that they perform well with SEO. However, outside of this plus side, Community and Enterprise are generally less user friendly and more difficult to use than Bigcommerce and Shopify.

They’re also less cost effective, mainly because of the fact that Magento Go was the small-scale-oriented program in the Magento lineup, designed for small outlets and local storefronts rather than large retail chains.

Find Your Best Alternative

Making the switch from Magento Go to a new service can be a big decision for your business. We can help you weigh your options and select a service that fits perfectly with your individual needs. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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