Manual Spam Action – We Fix Penalties

You don’t mess with the Google. If you maintain your business online, Google can make your life very difficult very quickly. One minute you’re soaring along, gradually watching your traffic and revenue rise like an ascent up a gentle hill, and the next minute you’re tumbling down the mountainside of declining traffic, headed for a rocky ravine of no return. More and more webmasters are experiencing instantaneous traffic demise, and it can all be summed up in three words: Manual Spam Action. If you’re trying to make sense of a sudden and unprecedented drop, you may already be a victim. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel.

Manual Spam Action

Our friends at Google have amassed an army of website assessors whose sole mission in life is to manually comb through websites in search of Google policy violations. When such a violation is found, the assessor flags the website, essentially banishing it from Google’s index. As you can imagine, this simple flag can be a kiss of death to many established businesses. What’s worse, it’s not always the business’s fault. The assessors are human beings who sometimes make mistakes, and in some cases, your competitors may even be sabotaging your website by pointing bad links in your direction (it happens).

Why Do Sites Get Flagged?

There are numerous reasons why a website may fall prey to the dreaded Manual Spam Action. If you have poor content that blatantly attempts to manipulate search algorithms, or if your site functions as a content or link farm, you may get the flag of doom. By far the most common reason for this penalty, however, is the accumulation of poor-quality inbound links. You can use the Manual Spam Action tool in your Google Webmaster Tools to find out if you have received the penalty, and you can even view a detailed description of why your site has been unceremoniously dumped from Google’s good graces. But the real trick is restoring your good name.

Coalition Technologies Can Help

Unfortunately, the only way to recover from Manual Spam Action is to remedy the policy violations and then submit a reconsideration request to Google – with no guarantee that your request will even be granted. But what if you can’t remove the bad links to your website? Or what if another company has intentionally bombed you with spam links? Many frustrated business owners and webmasters are finding it exceedingly difficult to undo the damage, but at Coalition Technologies, we perform Google penalty recovery services every day for businesses large and small.

Call us for a free quote at (877) 989-7187, and tell us about your situation. We’ll tell you exactly how we can get your site back on track using Google’s approved methodologies, and we’ll help you to achieve traffic and revenue like never before. So don’t let you Google get you down. Take control and reclaim your place in Cyberspace.

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