Memorial Day- Thank you!

Today is Memorial Day, and before I went out to a few barbeques and did some yard work, I wanted to say a big thank you to a few individuals in my life who have served our country and always demonstrated the highest level of character and attributes befitting of our armed services.

First off, is a recent loss in my family, Auntie Em (Emely Sholseth). Auntie Em passed away last year. During her life she served extensively in her community as an educator and earlier, served in the United States Air Force. Auntie Em was always dedicated to first ensuring that the needs of those around her were met, before focusing on her own requirements. Her generosity, passion for her grand niece and nephews, and her desire to see the values of her upbringing passed on, made an indelible mark on my life and the lives of my brothers.

Secondly, I would like to thank my grandfather, Harold ‘Hal’ Martin.

Grandpa Martin's retirement painting
Grandpa Martin served in the Air Force and later as a commercial airline pilot

Grandpa Martin served as an Air Force pilot before I was ever born, but his time in the service undoubtedly helped to shape him as a husband, father, and grandfather. Growing up, his expectations and belief in his grandchildren sometimes seemed stifling or difficult to reach. But, looking back as an adult, I can honestly say that the sense of confidence he had in each of us made us better people. We’ve all managed to maintain high educational standards, are working successfully as contributing members of society, have or will attended college, etc. There wasn’t necessarily anyone else who was willing or able to ‘keep on us’ so that we could reach that outcome.

Thank you very much Grandpa Martin for your service!

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