No Tool Can Substitute a Professional Website Audit

An SEO audit isn’t just a good idea — it’s essential for the success of your online business. But . while it is of the utmost importance to conduct an SEO audit, that does not mean that you have to conduct it yourself. Your business needs you to be the most efficient and using your expertise. For those that are not SEO experts, this article will show the value of using a professional website audit.

My Site Looks Perfect, Why Do I Need an Audit?

One word: sales. If you have a business that is heavily dependent on achieving your business goals by offering goods and services via the online channel, you cannot afford to miss this.  You likely have many competitors, and they will be fighting for the same search engine rankings and customers as you. They will probably be trying to the same, or similar, keywords as your business. Using a professional website audit tool could be the difference between being noticed first and watching your market share decline.

Not Just a Second Set of Eyes, but an Expert Set

A professional website audit tool is better than engaging in the activity yourself, because it uses proven methods and experts to elevate your SEO presence. You are focused on engaging and retaining customers with every activity in your business. A professional web audit can be done by an individual or an automated software program. This activity will help you not only secure website visitors, but also help you with sales, or your end conversion if you are not an ecommerce site.

Human Expertise or Automated Software?

Now that you understand the benefits of using a website audit tool, you will need to decide how the professional audit will be conducted. One thing to note is that if you decide to use a company, they will still have to use automated software to execute the task. Is that reason enough to just use an automated tool on your own?

Our opinion: use the best of both worlds. If you are going to do something, do it right the first time. While there are website audit tools that you could use, it makes more sense to use human expertise empowered with the right software.

Time and accuracy are the major reasons for this. If you decided to do the audit yourself, you need to make sure you are using the right tools. And it can take considerable time to learn how to use a piece of software that is foreign to you. Additionally, this can open up the door for costly mistakes. A trusted advisor should be able to show you case studies of what their professional website audits have delivered for their customers. When looking at their customer success stories, ask for examples that are relevant to what your business does. This gives you and your trusted advisor a basis to build your personal success story.

No professional website audit tool alone can substitute for the expertise of someone who knows how to efficiently and effectively differentiate your business from your competition.

Your Customers Deserve an Expert

Your customers depend on you to be the trusted advisor for whatever good or service you offer. They also expect that you to depend on other experts to ensure they can find what they need efficiently.

Contact Coalition Technologies

If you’re ready for a thorough, professional website audit, which can pinpoint your key areas for improvement and enable you to maximize your revenue and traffic, contact Coalition Technologies today. Our professional web auditors are among the best in the industry, and we work with businesses of all sizes to maximize their potential. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (310) 827-3890 for a free quote.

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