No Useless Employees! A mantra for a modern SEM and Web Design Firm.

Our motto is officially ‘So Search Me’. Its official because I posted it here, in this official looking blog on our official looking company website.

But it might as well be, ‘No Useless Employees’. I am pretty sure that secretly Joel, our guru/genius/founder (or GGF for short), mutters this under his breath when he’s alone contemplating the future of our Los Angeles company and where we focus our growth.

SEO company founder Joel strolls in the clouds.
He actually does go for a walk in the clouds in his suit every morning.

Why does the ‘no useless employees’ have such a significant impact for our clients? Their are two major reasons why it benefits web design customers, SEO clients, reputation management customers, and search marketing clients.

First and foremost- No useless employees, really means no wasted expenditure. Everything about Coalition is aimed at keeping our business (and expenses) streamlined. Our offices are tailored for our company sizes and we usually do our client meetings over coffee or lunch, and sometimes dinner. We don’t need massive conference rooms, or an expensive downtown office space. It makes sense for us to be just off the beaten path but still close enough to Los Angeles and other suburbs to be available quickly for clients and potential clients. It carries over into the employees because we don’t have receptionists, accountants, legal teams, human resource partners, or an extensive middle management. Everybody has a specific job to do and everyone contributes to each client. Our SEO and PPC techs help support web design efforts, and the web design team does a fantastic job supporting them in return with clean coding, modern site architecture, and improved usability. Since the office is a shared open space, communication and brain storming happen efficiently and without memos, email chains, or fax. If Hiren, our lead designer has a question, he spins his chair around and chats with David our senior SEO tech, and then can input that advice right into the custom ecommerce site that he is building. The same thing happens in reverse, when Joel is consulting a high profile client for reputation management and needs to know how long it would take to produce twelve mini sites to support those efforts. Hiren can walk through the scope of work, the client’s requirements, and produce accurate hours in a moment. Joel spins back around to his workspace and the client has their answer.

Secondly, the no wasted employees mantra creates more talented individuals. We’ve had plenty of experiences with different ‘competitors’ who specialize in either web design or in search engine optimization in LA, but don’t offer skilled advice or support in other very relevant areas. A competing web design firm may do a great job coding an ecommerce site. But their designer was focused on code and visuals. He doesn’t have the understanding of SEO or of buyer usability that helps conversion rates and search rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. At Coalition, the exact opposite is true. I’m a consultant, whose main job is to help assist businesses analyze their needs in a website or a marketing effort and guide them towards the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t Joel’s radiant smile). But, Joel hired me on the condition that I also know HTML/ CSS/ PHP/ Javascript/ LAMP stack/ MYSQL/ SEO/ PPC/ Social Media, and more! And he wants me to learn a number of programming languages! Hiren, our web designer, is one of the most creative web developers I’ve encountered. He’s quick, artistic, and produces super clean, extremely reliable coding. Joel hired him because he’s a great asset to our web design firm as a designer, but he’s also training Hiren on the search engine optimization, social media, and the marketing elements.

This is just to name a few examples. Even our company mascot, Frida, has to be able to fetch the morning paper and send and retrieve faxes.

In the end, Coalition Technologies is one of the top rated web design and LA SEO firms because we provide exceptional values. Are we more expensive then the website templaters, and the Indian sweat shops? Absolutely. But our design and development work isn’t even on the same level! Literally, no comparison in aesthetics, functionality, and security. Are we less expensive then the major US base firms? Heck yes. But our product would still outperform theirs in nine out of ten performance tests.

Contact us if you, as a business owner or executive, can appreciate our streamlined model. We’re not wasting your money, by wasting ours. We’re close to Santa Monica, in Venice, California.

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