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Travel can be a rewarding experience, filled with fun, adventures with friends, education, and insights into foreign cultures.The world of travel blogging is occupied by adventure-seekers with a knack for sharing their unique experiences in exotic locales and once-in-a-lifetime events, complete with expert advice, incredible photos, and unforgettable stories.

Packed Perfectly, the newest Coalition Technologies client, took the best parts of the travel experience and transformed an adventurous spirit and passion for travel into a profitable business.

Traveling in Style

Packed Perfectly was founded by Lara Green, a world traveler who started out offering her loyal readers suggestions for visiting some of her favorite far away places—what to see, where to eat, activities to do, and, of course, how to pack.

As the popularity of her travel blog continued to rise, Lara realized that she could turn her love of travel into a business by providing her readers with the perfect set of clothing and accessories anyone would need for each specific adventure. As an affiliate marketer, Lara curates different products and fashionable attire on her site, while providing experienced, in-depth guides to some of the world’s most exciting places.

Taking the Leap

Packed Perfectly hopes to become one of the go-to destinations for credible travel and fashion advice, drawing in readers who are seeking the recommendations of expert globetrotters on how to make the most of their adventures. Eventually, Packed Perfectly’s affiliate partnerships will include not only fashion items, but hotels, restaurants, bars, and responsible local activities.

In order to expand, Packed Perfectly needs to continue to engage with readers and potential customers on social media, optimize their onsite content, and create new, high-quality content to increase traffic and boost revenue as an affiliate marketer.

Overcoming Obstacles

Packed Perfectly occupies two highly competitive spaces: travel and fashion. With such a crowded market, standing out among other blogs can present a significant challenge. In addition, the seasonality of the fashion industry will require frequent changes to the products featured on the site.

By creating quality, optimized content that emphasizes the unique differences between Packed Perfectly and its competitors, while also bolstering the brand’s social media presence, there’s a real opportunity to make a mark on two industries at once by becoming known as a go-to ‘travel stylist’.

With a powerful SEO strategy in place, we’re confident that, over time, Packed Perfectly can increase organic traffic, grow its global readership, and expand its affiliate partnerships.

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