Real Estate Attorneys: Learn 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings

The field of real estate relies heavily on search engines, and search marketing can be a valuable asset to all stakeholders in the industry—this includes real estate attorneys. For attorneys in the field, SEO advertising for real estate can be a unique benefit overall for an attorney’s practice.
If you’re a real estate attorney, here are 5 simple and easy ways to improve your rankings with the mother of all search engines: Google.

1. Know Where You Currently Stand

SEO advertising for real estate

This first one is easy. It’s always good to know where you stand in all things brand-related; so, in this case, perform a simple search of your practice (or of yourself as a real estate attorney). Keep this in mind: it’s best to face that you may need to make improvements with search rankings, so don’t assume that finding your practice on page 3 of a Google search means that you’re good to go with SEO.

Knowing where you currently stand with Google lays the foundation for improving your rankings and is the groundwork for SEO advertising for real estate in general.

2. Make Sure Your Website Content Is on Point

This means making sure that the content on your site is exactly what you want it to be—no fillers and nothing that you only put on there to fill up space. Although it might make you feel better about the appearance of your site, this content won’t help your search rankings.

SEO advertising for real estate

Within your site and digital content, utilizing sound and well-designed title tags and meta descriptions for your pages helps improve your Google rankings. Think of these two as the way that a search engine reads your web pages. Make sure that all of your pages are titled and described exactly the way you want them to be. This way, Google searchers will be more likely to come across your pages sooner rather than later in pages of search results.

3. Put Your Name Out There in a Variety of Different Ways

It’s important to understand that SEO sources all of the text content that you put out into the world wide web. This means that there’s potentially a lot of content out there to optimize—but don’t worry because having your practice’s name out there digitally in a lot of different places isn’t a bad thing. It’s definitely a good thing. If you use the right variety of advertising, social media, and other promotional content portals, your search rankings will be better off than if you stick to just a standard digital ad in one spot over and over again.

SEO advertising for real estate relies on multiple promotional channels. As a real estate attorney, you should certainly follow suit.

SEO advertising for real estate

4. Know Keywords That Potential Clients Use

This one is simple. You know what you’re in business for, and you know what people are searching for when they come across your ad or website link. In SEO advertising for real estate, and all digital marketing in general, it’s best to constantly keep up with common keywords in your field—they can change more often than you’d think.

Make sure you’re on top of catering to your searchers through keywords. Your Google rankings will, in turn, thank you with better results. Think of it as customer interaction. You want to engage potential clients in a helpful way then bring them into a situation where they become a paying client, right? Knowing the necessary keywords can help you achieve this.

5. Start to Focus on Web Interactions

You may already do this. When we say this, we mean something simple: keep content flowing.

You’re an expert in real estate law. Post some articles you’ve written, comment on online discussions as if you’re a spokesperson for your brand, and create interactions digitally for people all over the web to see. Remember to always keep up an image of expertise, caring emotion, and professionalism. Even if you start small and work to build this tactic, you’ll be building your Google search rankings at the same time. It’s as simple as that!

Need More Insight?

Contact us if you’d like to talk more about SEO advertising for real estate or just SEO in general. We’re a top name in the LA marketing sector and would be happy to discuss your options with you. Whether you’re a small, local practice or a big name in the area, we can help you use SEO and search marketing to your benefit. Let’s talk.

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