Shopify Editions Summer 2023: Powering the Future of Commerce

Shopify Editions Summer 2023 – Part 1: Powering the Future of Commerce

This article is the first of Coalition Technologies’ 6-part series tackling Shopify Editions Summer 2023 updates.

Shopify has unveiled its Summer 2023 Edition, introducing over 100 product updates and new Shopify features aimed at empowering developers and businesses of all sizes.

AI for Commerce & App Development

Shopify is investing heavily in new AI features that will change how customers shop and even how businesses operate. Shopify Magic combines cutting-edge AI with the platform’s data to help millions of businesses work faster, smarter, and more creatively whereas Sidekick helps with improving your store, completing lengthy tasks, and even contributing to smarter decisions. Changes have also been made to the platform that allows users to create and develop a highly-customized shopping experience for every part of the stack. 


With the new B2B updates, Shopify Editions 2023 introduces the ability for business customers to use stored credit cards on draft orders or when paying an invoice. Also, Purchase Order (PO) numbers have been added on orders and at checkout along with the implementation of quantity price breaks. These new changes have added some really amazing quality-of-life benefits that improve the flow for B2B operations.

Streamlined Operations

Shopify has introduced a reimagined, streamlined admin interface with improved search and actionable data insights. They have also pushed the Built for Shopify program live. This program highlights apps that have achieved the “Built for Shopify” status with unique badging as well as promotional placements within the Shopify App Store.

Also announced in Shopify Editions 2023 is a new built-in order management and delivery tools have been added to Shopify that help businesses fulfill orders in a quicker, more cost-effective manner. With these tools, you are able to manage the entire process in one convenient location.

Upgraded Marketing Tools & Shop Channel

One main focus of Shopify Editions 2023 is how to help businesses connect better with their customers through Shopify’s integration of marketing tools. These tools help you reduce costs as well as advertise more effectively. A new, important Shopify feature to note is the segmentation for apps, which allows them to be built into Shopify’s segmentation. This includes taking full advantage of templates and actions. 

Shopify Collabs is now capable of tracking affiliate links for stores that use Hydrogen, which enables collaborations with influencers to help drive sales. These tools have also made it easier than ever to customize your checkout process and help your customers complete their purchases.

With the implementation of the Shop Channel, you can showcase customer reviews from Shop in other channels. You can also boost growth by using Shop Cash offers, a risk-free acquisition channel that helps convert and retain customers.

Checkout & Payment Processing

Finally, Shopify Editions 2023 touched on how they are expanding payment processing capabilities. These new payment features have been added to Shopify in the form of checkout extensions that allow for more customer payment options. Shopify Balance has also been announced. It enables businesses to pay suppliers, vendors, and utilities seamlessly.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on this series.

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