Team Illustrations: Why They Matter

Team Illustrations: Why They Matter

If you’ve spent some time on our About Us page or have interacted with any of our team members via email, you’ve probably noticed our unique branding. It’s no secret that here at Coalition Technologies, we love team illustrations. While illustrations are fun and appealing to the eye, they also have a ton of other benefits. If you love our illustrations as much as we do, keep reading to learn more about why they’re so amazing. 

The Definition

What exactly is an illustration? When it comes to the web, mobile, and other digital interfaces, an illustration is a pure form of art. Illustrations carry a message that extends and clarifies information on any website or app. 

While illustrations are not considered a live photo, they are a visual interpretation of a person, environment, process, or action. The truth is, there’s simply no replacement for the important role that illustrations play. The digital world simply cannot exist without them. 


Our team illustrations are attention-grabbing because of their originality. As a top-rated, growth-focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, we thoroughly understand the importance of quickly grabbing the attention of our audience. We are able to offer result-proven services to our clients because we practice the same methods ourselves.

Coalition Technologies team illustrations

At Coalition Technologies, we understand that potential customers shop with their eyes before reading a single word on any website. In 40 milliseconds, our eccentric illustrations allow our customers to get a true feel of the personality behind our company, long before having a conversation with us. 

Visual Harmony

While our team illustrations display the diversity of our team members, it also displays the visual harmony of our company. Each team member is from a different background and has a different skill set that is completely unique to them. Even while each team member has their own qualities, our uniformed illustrations show how much our entire company operates on one accord.

At Coalition Technologies, we are one sound, one voice, and one harmony. While our team members are heavily encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and express their thoughts, we always move as one unit, with one goal. Even with different qualities, our team is able to seamlessly work together and give our clients outstanding end results. 

Aesthetics and Brand Identity

The aesthetic value that our team illustrations offer our company is unbeatable. While we are a digital company, offering digital services to our clients, the aesthetic of our illustrations makes us functional and user-friendly. Although it is true that we may never physically meet some of our clients, our illustrations thoroughly represent our brand and services. 

co-workers working on a project a desk with various work tools

Original custom-made team illustrations are an outstanding but yet simple way to distinguish our brand from the rest. While illustrations are commonly used for infographics, apps, and websites, they are not commonly used for team member representation. While they are uncommon, they are so unique that illustrations actually make our interactions much more exciting.


Our team illustrations naturally showcase our strong connection to the digital world and what it represents – it tells our story. While our illustrations are professional, they also display a bit of humor that may be relatable to our clients. The results our company is able to offer clients is proven and serious. 

However, our illustrations show that we are also very friendly and approachable. At Coalition Technologies, we make a huge effort to have a professionally close relationship with each client. That is who we are and who we always strive to be.

Message Transfer

People remember 65% of visual content they consume compared to about 10% of written content. Our team illustrations deliver a quick and efficient message to anyone who sees them, as soon as they see them. When a client or potential client comes across our About Us page or interacts with us via email, who we are as a brand becomes immediately clear. 

co-workers smiling while looking at a laptop

We love using digital tools to send a message that words are unable to. We practice our diverse knowledge and tools throughout our very own company. Our skill set allows us to offer clients services that can never be considered boring, played out, or ineffective. At Coalition Technologies, we know what it takes to grab the attention of potential customers and our high percentage of satisfied customers proves that. 

The Importance of a Unique Meet the Team Page

Now that we understand the benefits of team illustrations within themselves, let’s talk about why having a unique Meet the Team page is important:

  • Personal Touch – Having a unique Meet the Team page adds a personal touch. You instantly give your website visitors a taste of who you are long before any business transaction is completed. Your team and company’s brand is immediately highlighted with an appealing design that suits your brand
  • Showcases Talent – Team illustrations showcase a company’s talents right out of the gates. Our illustrations highlight each of our team members in a stimulating way and while doing so, it also immediately displays our talents to potential clients. Illustrations are an effective way to build trust and show customers that we are the best source to fulfill all of their digital business needs.
  • Memorable – A memorable Meet the Team page will always lead the growth of your brand. Even if clients are not ready to make a move when they first come across your website, your brand will forever be imprinted in their minds. Team illustrations reinforce credibility and give our company personality as 75% of consumers judge credibility based on the company’s website design.

Want an Illustration of Your Own?

If you’ve seen our illustrations and thought, “I want one of those!”, now is your time to shine. We would love to make you your very own illustration, for free! You’ve read the benefits and you understand the power behind them. Contact us at Coalition Technologies today to start the creation of your illustration and have your very own unique piece of the digital world. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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