Power of Facebook Dynamic Ads

The Power of Facebook Dynamic Ads

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PPC marketing is a critical part of growing any ecommerce brand. In order to succeed, you must have a long-term vision and implement the tools that give you the greatest chance for ROI. Facebook ads are one of the most prevalent forms of PPC marketing today. Recognized as perhaps the most valuable component of Facebook PPC, Facebook dynamic ads have revolutionized social media marketing, enabling e-commerce brands to promote their entire product catalogs across all their customers’ devices and provide an unprecedented level of ad customization. 

Facebook dynamic ads are proven to have amazing ROI with some of the industry’s highest conversion rates. Here, we’ll drill down on the details of dynamic ads’ capabilities and how you can use them to take your advertising and business to the next level.  

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Cross-Device Advertising

One of the standout features of the Facebook dynamic ads platform is its ability to reach customers across all their devices. If a customer views or purchases a product on their laptop, Facebook dynamic ads can reach that same customer on their phone, tablet, and desktop computer with device-optimized advertising. This keeps the customer engaged with your brand and products, increasing conversion rates. 

In fact, the best part of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) is you can show exactly those products in your ad which users have seen on your website and now while browsing Facebook on their mobile phone, tablets or desktop. This connects relevancy at its best between the user and something that he has seen on the website. This results in getting clicks on the ad and conversions later on the website because there was a good personal connection build between users and products.


Dynamic Ad Generation 

Traditionally, designing an ad for a Facebook PPC campaign would require manually testing hundreds (if not more) different combinations of elements such as image, text, calls to action, etc., and setting up all desired combinations one by one. 

Facebook dynamic ads completely change the game by automatically generating different combinations of visual elements and text to match the customer. This ad generation is based on data collected through Facebook’s pixel. This is the tool that tracks user activity and allows Facebook to customize future ads for that customer. From the data collected by a pixel, you can perform analytics to figure out your ad’s effectiveness by understanding customer activity on your website. When you place Facebook pixel code in your website’s header, each customer action triggers the pixel and reports the action to you. With this tool, you can see every time a purchase is made from your site.  

This makes it a great alternative to traditional advertising, which usually involved bombarding website visitors with generic, and often irrelevant ads designed for mass distribution. The Facebook dynamic ads feature is designed to automatically generate highly customized ad experiences for each user based on a catalogue provided by the online vendor and their activity data. This means ads are created for each user based on the products they’ve viewed (whether it was on your site or not), purchases they’ve made, or items they’ve added to their cart. 

Overall, Facebook dynamic ads have proven highly effective at reaching customers at unprecedented levels by:

  1. Targeting shoppers based on their determined interests, not just their purchase history, and directing them to similar products in your store. 
  2. Promoting sale completion by reminding customers of “forgotten” items—items they placed in their cart but didn’t purchase.
  3. Connect with people across devices, regardless of where the original shopping took place. 
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How This Changes Your Business

All these features can help you get real results by promoting the most relevant products from your catalogue to the right customer. You can also integrate Facebook dynamic ads with your ecommerce websites like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. Being able to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time pays huge dividends, and Facebook dynamic ads make this easier than ever. 

Overall, dynamic ads have proven their superiority over traditional ad experiences with drastically improved click-through and conversion rates. In addition to your Google AdWords, Facebook dynamic ads can drive your sales to the next level, far beyond what is possible with just static banner ads. 


Setting up Facebook Dynamic Ads 

Getting a dynamic ad running on Facebook is fairly simple. You’ll need to:

  1. Create and upload your product catalogue – This will contain a listing of all the products you wish to advertise and should include product ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL, and other product attributes.
  2. Implement Facebook Pixel
  3. Set up a Dynamic Ad Template – This will be the layout on which all your ads will be based. Dynamic Product ads can take many different formats, customizable to match your needs. They can be:
    1. Photos – A single image 
    2. Carousel – Used for multi-product ads and displays multiple videos or images in a single ad
    3. Video – single video for an ad
    4. Slideshow – a slideshow of pictures or videos
    5. Canvas – fullscreen experience for mobile devices. A canvas can be a photo, carousel, video, or slideshow. 
  1. Start Your Campaigns – Once you’ve completed the other steps, you can start running your ads.

Facebook will build custom ads based on your catalogue and template to match the customer’s activity. Facebook will automatically update your inventory with every purchase, so you don’t need to do it manually. It will also make a note of purchases so a customer will not see ads for an item they’ve already purchased. 


Dynamic Retargeting

Referred to as “Retargeting on Autopilot,” this is considered the most profitable form of advertising on Facebook and the best feature of Facebook Dynamic Ads

At the heart of dynamic retargeting is the data collected by the Facebook pixel. Facebook uses this data to reach individual customers based on their specific, expressed interests. This kind of retargeting brings customers back to your site, driving upselling and cross-selling. Optimizing this feature can significantly increase your ROI. 

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Next Steps with Coalition Technologies

Facebook dynamic ads are one of the fastest growing online marketing platforms, and the digital marketing ninjas at Coalition are here to help you take your business to the next level. Our superbly professional and knowledgeable team will guide you through the nuances of Facebook PPC so you can identify and engage with your customers in meaningful and profitable ways. Call us today for a free consultation. Also, be sure to check out our blog for more discussions on all things marketing and SEO. 

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