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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women all over the world who inspire us to be bold and create change. Here, we’ll highlight some of the amazing women we work with who have set themselves apart in competitive markets and witnessed great achievements over the years. These women motivate us all and remind us that success is measured by hard work, passion, and determination.


Buffy Simoni, Paper | Facebook | Twitter

PapermartBuffy Simoni, president of Paper Mart, is well-acquainted with what it takes to run a successful business. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Simoni revealed that she is the 4th generation of her family to run Paper Mart. In fact, she grew up listening to her grandfather discussing operations and strategies with his partners!

Simoni is no stranger to the challenges of running a business—especially one that’s over 90 years old. She has discovered that, while it may be easy to shy away from tough choices, being bold and owning her decisions has proved successful. She believes in the importance of reaching out to both customers and employees in order to better understand opportunities for improvement—whether it’s product offerings, internal processes, or discovering innovative new markets to branch out to.

Over the last several years, Simoni has taken notice to how crowded the eCommerce market can be. Each store needs a unique way to jump into the market, and Paper Mart has been able to bridge that gap with exceptional customer service.

What we do differently, and the reason our customers are so loyal, is that we provide excellent service, which customers don’t always find online. Our model of low prices and high-quality service has set us apart in our industry.” —Buffy Simoni


Sawako Yamauchi, Miki | Facebook | Twitter

Miki MietteSawako Yamauchi, owner and founder of Miki Miette, worked as a designer in mens and womenswear for 12 years. However, when she discovered that she was going to have a son, she was inspired to create something new in fashion industry, therefore changing the game. Yamauchi has created a children’s line that is fashionable, comfortable, and lovable.

Yamauchi’s bold choice has led to a very successful line. Miki Miette has sold in boutiques and department stores like Barneys New York and Nordstrom. Since launching, Miki Miette has grown in popularity and has recently opened a flagship store in Los Angeles!

Children’s clothing is an incredibly niche vertical market, as it specifically targets parents of young children. Yamauchi distinguishes her business with her intimate knowledge of what it takes to be a mother. She’s a mother designing for mothers, so she understands children’s clothing needs in a way only a few do.


Suzanne Dawson, YUNI | Facebook | Twitter

Yuni BeautySuzanne Dawson, co-founder of YUNI Beauty, has had a long career of success. She worked with Aveda as Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation, at Murad as Chief Marketing Officer, and at OleHenriksen as President/Chief Executive Officer. Today, she is the Chief Officer at YogaWorks, Inc. and runs YUNI Beauty with her husband, Emmanuel Rey.

As with many industries, bodycare is one that’s overloaded with big names. Dawson made a bold decision to create a new market, targeting yogis and environmentally-conscious people alike. YUNI Beauty is the only store that provides mindful body, skin, and hair care, as well as beauty products that are natural, sustainable, and inspired by yoga.


Rebecca Fairbanks, Coalition | Facebook | Twitter

Coalition TechnologiesRebecca Fairbanks has been in digital marketing for nearly 10 years. With a background in integrated marketing communications, she got her start by delving into public relations and securing national press opportunities for musicians.

Branching out from public relations, she managed projects for web development, SEO, and PPC before settling into her role as Lead Digital Producer at Coalition Technologies. Working with her team allows her to do what she loves most: manage client campaigns to meet and exceed milestones.

Through her hard work, Fairbanks’ clients have witnessed huge improvements in traffic and revenue. Today, she continues to apply her managerial experience and tech expertise across all of our SEO clients. We’re proud to have her on our team, and we look forward to growing her success!


Competition for Clicks

eCommerce is a very competitive and crowded market. Each industry has so many different websites and stores that demand the attention of their target market and require their own set of innovative strategies.

Coalition Technologies has helped entrepreneurs develop their own techniques and strategies, and continues to welcome more revenue, organic traffic, and success.

Let us help you and your business today. Give us a call at (310) 907-5497 or email us at to see what we can do for you.

Get Your Website on the First Page with These 10 Essential SEO Tips

10 Essential SEO Tips

Everyone wants to get on the first page of Google, but the question is how? Read on for these top 10 essential SEO tips to see how you can rank your website.

Essential SEO Tips 01 - Use Meaningful TItle

1. Use Meaningful Titles

  • An attention-grabbing title increases the chance of someone visiting your site. As such, the title should incorporate the primary SEO keyword when possible and precede a strong introductory sentence.


Essential SEO Tips 02 - Subsections2. Incorporate Subsections

  • Once you have your reader’s attention, keep them interested by dividing the article into 100 word subsections. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, it increases article readability and entices the reader to follow along.


Essential SEO Tips 03 - Content with substance

3. Create Content with Substance

  • Search engines prioritize and index content that’s relevant and meaningful. Your primary goal is to create high-quality content that engages the reader and provides them with useful information.


Essential SEO Tips 04 - Know your audience

4. Know Your Audience

  • You’ll have a better chance at engaging your audience and establishing credibility if you understand their interests and needs. This contributes to garnering a higher number of unique visitors and increasing your conversion optimization.


Essential SEO Tips 05 - Interesting pictures

5. Post Interesting Pictures

  • Posting interesting pictures is a visually appealing way to draw the reader in and keep them interested. Make sure to include alt text to go along with your pictures so search engines can view it as well.


Essential SEO Tips 06 - Use keywords proportionately

6. Use Keywords Proportionately

  • Be careful not to overly optimize copy, as this can make it difficult or confusing to read. While keyword density has its benefits, search engines consider overuse as keyword stuffing or spam.


Essential SEO Tips 07 - No black hat

7. Avoid Black Hat Techniques

  • Black hat techniques are disapproved practices to increase SEO value. By going against a search engine’s terms of service, you run the risk of penalizing your site. Instead, focus on proper SEO practices to attain organic results.


Essential SEO Tips 08 - Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

8. Include Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

  • Title tags & meta descriptions are crucial to accurately portraying your page on the SERPs. Keep title tags between 45-55 characters and meta descriptions between 145-155 characters. If possible, incorporate keywords into each as well.


Essential SEO Tips 09 - Link strategically

9. Link Strategically

  • If you’re using links in your copy, be strategic and use relevant anchor text. Limit outbound links to those you absolutely need and develop a complex link profile, especially if you’re citing sources.


Essential SEO Tips 10 - Strong call-to-action

10. End with a Strong Call-to-Action

  • Recall the primary purpose of your SEO copy when creating a call-to-action statement and use compelling action words like shop, start, learn, or discover. Make it crystal clear to the reader what the next step should be.


With these 10 SEO tips, you can implement a powerful strategy that works for your website. Check out the full infographic here. For more information on how to build your site’s value and increase your chances of getting to the first page, contact Coalition Technologies for world-class SEO services.

JW Media Signs Up For SEO Assistance with Coalition Technologies

JW Media is an industry leader in print order fulfillment, creating large scale banners, flags, and other promotional products for businesses. They are dedicated to using advanced technologies and the highest quality materials when creating advertising materials.

As a wholesale retailer, they deal exclusively with industry professionals, with an emphasis on turnaround time, quality of materials, and competitive pricing not available to the general public. Some of their best selling products include wide format printing, 13oz vinyl banners, advertising flags, retractable banner stands, and printed table covers.

Partnering with Coalition Technologies

JW Media has years of experience creating signs and keeping their business profitable, but they came to Coalition Technologies because they were interested in reaching new customers and garnering more sales with their subsidiary company, 777 Sign. Beyond providing customer service oriented strategies, like great prices and swift turnaround times, they want to implement new marketing strategies with SEO and PPC campaigns. We will be optimizing the copy on their website, writing new copy for major pages, including the Home and About Us pages, and launching an extensive PPC campaign.

Coalition Technologies often partners with companies to create high-quality copy for SEO and PPC campaigns, but JW Media is interested in involving themselves much more deeply with the marketing strategy and giving their input on every aspect of a project.

Challenging the Sign Industry

After an analysis of the 777 Sign website and an in-depth meeting with that company’s executives, Coalition Technologies discovered a unique challenge that 777 Sign faces: content poaching by competitors. Recently, competing sites have been stealing content from the 777 Sign site and posting it on their own sites. To stay ahead of these poachers, Coalition Technologies plans on overhauling all of the written content on the 777 Sign site. This new copy will be very focused as well as highly relevant and appealing to the company’s clientele.

Achieving Success

If you’re looking for a marketing and web development company to boost your sales, increase organic traffic, or redesign your website, Coalition Technologies can help. Reach out to us today by phone, at (310) 907-7823, by email, at, or online through our contact form.

February Employee of the Month

Ben Bordofsky - February Employee of the Month     Diane Apao - February Employee of the Month

Coalition Technologies is proud to announce our newest Employees of the Month for January: Ben Bordofsky and Diane Apao! Both Ben and Diane have put in hard work and helped our client campaigns. Take a closer look at what they do to make Coalition great!

Behind the Scenes with Ben

Ben started at Coalition Technologies in September of 2015 as a Digital Producer Trainee. Since then, he’s worked his way up to Web Development Digital Producer & Team Lead. Today, he oversees web development projects, manages SEO campaigns, generates campaign strategies, and works with clients to reach milestones. He has worked across many industries including fashion and jewelry, office furnishings and supplies, industrial tools, family law, martial arts, health and wellness, technology, and many more.

Ben’s favorite thing about Coalition Technologies are the people. He finds the team interesting, smart, and hilarious—and he’s happy that even though team members are distributed across the world, everyone is close knit.

Ben loves playing video games (League of Legends, Pokemon, and Rocket League) and enjoys reading. His recent reading list includes Pillars of the Earth, Accidental Salesman, and anything by Michael Connelly. He also happens to be a great cook (which the LA office can confirm)!

Behind the Scenes with Diane

Diane joined Coalition Technologies in December of 2016. Even though she’s a new team member, her work as a Front End Web Developer has launched her into the Coalition spotlight. Diane helps convert designs to responsive BigCommerce and Shopify themes, and has worked across several industries, creating templates and themes for fashion clients, health and wellness clients, and niche industries like beverage coolers and aftermarket auto parts.

Diane loves that Coalition Technologies offers plenty of room for career growth, and that our company values the hard work of each and every team member. She’s very proud and gratified to be employee of the month!

She enjoys watching anime and Korean TV, but also enjoys mountaineering near her home in Cebu City.

Stay Tuned for Next Month

Coalition Technologies is happy to honor new team members each month for their successes and efforts. Stay tuned for our Employees of the Month for March!

Packed Perfectly | CT Blog

Travel can be a rewarding experience, filled with fun, adventures with friends, education, and insights into foreign cultures.The world of travel blogging is occupied by adventure-seekers with a knack for sharing their unique experiences in exotic locales and once-in-a-lifetime events, complete with expert advice, incredible photos, and unforgettable stories.

Packed Perfectly, the newest Coalition Technologies client, took the best parts of the travel experience and transformed an adventurous spirit and passion for travel into a profitable business.

Traveling in Style

Packed Perfectly was founded by Lara Green, a world traveler who started out offering her loyal readers suggestions for visiting some of her favorite far away places—what to see, where to eat, activities to do, and, of course, how to pack.

As the popularity of her travel blog continued to rise, Lara realized that she could turn her love of travel into a business by providing her readers with the perfect set of clothing and accessories anyone would need for each specific adventure. As an affiliate marketer, Lara curates different products and fashionable attire on her site, while providing experienced, in-depth guides to some of the world’s most exciting places.

Taking the Leap

Packed Perfectly hopes to become one of the go-to destinations for credible travel and fashion advice, drawing in readers who are seeking the recommendations of expert globetrotters on how to make the most of their adventures. Eventually, Packed Perfectly’s affiliate partnerships will include not only fashion items, but hotels, restaurants, bars, and responsible local activities.

In order to expand, Packed Perfectly needs to continue to engage with readers and potential customers on social media, optimize their onsite content, and create new, high-quality content to increase traffic and boost revenue as an affiliate marketer.

Overcoming Obstacles

Packed Perfectly occupies two highly competitive spaces: travel and fashion. With such a crowded market, standing out among other blogs can present a significant challenge. In addition, the seasonality of the fashion industry will require frequent changes to the products featured on the site.

By creating quality, optimized content that emphasizes the unique differences between Packed Perfectly and its competitors, while also bolstering the brand’s social media presence, there’s a real opportunity to make a mark on two industries at once by becoming known as a go-to ‘travel stylist’.

With a powerful SEO strategy in place, we’re confident that, over time, Packed Perfectly can increase organic traffic, grow its global readership, and expand its affiliate partnerships.

If you’re interested in starting a marketing campaign for your business, call Coalition Technologies at (310) 907-7823, contact us online, or send an email to Connect with us today and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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