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Many people dream of owning a business franchise, but there is a big difference between the dream and reality, especially when it comes to online marketing. If your franchise is a part of a corporation, a percentage of the fees that you pay the parent company will go toward marketing. However, the marketing approach generally applies to the company at large and doesn’t spotlight private franchises that have developed unique identities within the corporate structure.

This is why many franchisees turn to the top franchise marketing agency in Los Angeles, Coalition Technologies, to develop an online marketing approach that focuses on their specific franchise. If you own a franchise that is marketed under the umbrella of a corporation instead of individually, we can use the strategies below, among others, to develop a marketing strategy that applies specifically to your franchise and helps to give it the unique identity it deserves.

Website Development

If your franchise doesn’t have its own website, building one should be a top priority. According to Pew research, search and email are the top two internet activities. When people want information about your franchise, they will almost certainly turn to the internet to find it. If you create a business website that uses the right optimization strategies, search users should find your site listed among the top search results on the first page of Google search results.

The goal of the website is to portray your franchise in a unique light. For example, if your franchise supports little league sports teams and donates supplies to charity, these are two unique, positive things about the business that could be mentioned on its website. You could also spotlight products or services that are only found at your franchise, and place a corporate spokesperson video on the homepage to communicate the values and goals of the business.

Search Engine Optimization

Developing a website that contains the right marketing content is challenging, but this is only the first hurdle that you must leap to improve the web presence of your franchise. You must also optimize your franchise’s website to help it attain a high search engine results position (SERP). There are hundreds of strategies for increasing the SERP of a website, but the best point of reference for optimization strategies is Google’s list of requirements for top performing sites.

If you don’t have a great deal of experience with SEO, and you are looking for a franchise marketing agency in Los Angeles that does, look no further than Coalition Technologies. We have earned our reputation as the top franchise marketing agency in Los Angeles for a reason: We supply franchisees with the creative services, strategies and insights, and online marketing messages that they need to achieve their online business objectives, and then some.

Pay Per Click

According to — a respected news source for the online marketing industry — up to 80% of search users ignore pay per click (PPC) listings and click on organic search listings instead. Does this mean that PPC shouldn’t be a part of your online marketing solution? Not necessarily. The key is to know your audience in terms of the types of online ads it responds to, and use those advertising channels to raise awareness about your franchise.

In many cases, companies choose to invest in both organic SEO and PPC. PPC listings — also referred to as “paid listings” because companies directly pay for them — appear at the top of the search results page or in a highly visible place on the side of the page. Because organic SEO can take weeks or months to achieve the optimal result, it’s a good idea to have PPC ads in place while organic SEO strategies push your franchise’s website listing to the top of the page.

Responsive Website Design   

According to a recent study by comScore — a leading internet technology company — four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop. If your franchise sells products or services online, it is essential to implement responsive website design — a discipline in which websites are formatted to perfectly fit the size of the screen of the device that accesses them. In the absence of responsive design, websites can be quite difficult to navigate when using smart devices.

Among mobile search users, the absence of responsive web design typically leads to a high bounce rate, which is the number of visitors who abandon a website after only viewing a single page. The more efficient internet search technology becomes, the less time people are willing to spend on a website that is difficult to navigate. If its website doesn’t feature responsive design, your franchise could be missing out on a significant chunk of revenue from online shoppers.

Need Help With Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a marketing discipline that involves several prospective solutions. To choose the right solutions for improving the web presence of your franchise and increasing its online sales conversions, it helps to partner with an experienced provider of online marketing services such as Coalition Technologies. Our years of experience and expertise in the field of online marketing have made us the top franchise marketing agency in Los Angeles, bar none.

To learn how we can help your franchise with online marketing, call us today at (310) 827-3890 to schedule a free consultation, or use our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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