Tips For Performing a Mobile Site Audit

2015 is around the corner, and it’s official: there are no excuses left for thinking about
whether or not to build a mobile website.

Having an active, updated mobile site is a necessity for any type of business or organization, no matter what the context. Media users all over the world are taking part in the dominance of the mobile age, and this means that businesses of all shapes and sizes must adapt to stay current.

Whether you’re the mobile site master of your business or a newly adapted mobile site user, it’s crucial to check over the components of your site to see what’s functioning the way it should be and what isn’t. We’ve put together a set of tips for performing an audit on your mobile site. Performing a mobile website analysis will help you in the end, no matter

Here’s what we’ve got:

First, check the connections between your mobile site and your desktop site.

Your mobile site and your desktop site should be connected in terms of content, site redirects and pages. It’s important to make sure that your mobile site contains the same key information you want visitors to see, especially when it comes to page titles and site capabilities.

Another important check within this piece of the mobile website analysis is to make sure that your mobile visitors are being redirected to your mobile site and not your desktop. This can be crucial, especially in situations that involve potential customers looking to purchase a product or service on your website.

Second, check and make sure that you’re giving your visitors options on your site.

This one is important, because a key element of offering a website for consumers to visit is to make sure that their experience on your site is both simple and convenient.

In this piece of the mobile website analysis, make sure that your mobile visitors are given the option to view your desktop site. This may not seem necessary, however some viewers on tablets prefer to view a standard desktop website rather than a mobile-catered version.

Third, check your site’s appearance on a variety of different mobile devices.

Your mobile site might look awesome when you check it from your iPhone, but does it appear the same way on other devices? Does it have the same visual effect on an Android device? It might not.

Mobile sites can appear in a surprising number of different ways depending on the specific mobile device format they’re displayed on, and unfortunately all mobile sites aren’t built well enough to consistently appear properly no matter what the device. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you know how your site appears across the board.

It’s best to check your site’s appearance as in-depth as possible as well. This is important, because there might be a huge chunk of your content that ends up being flawed between platforms, and if this is the case it means that your mobile site has been less-than-impressive for a number of mobile visitors. You’ll definitely want to avoid this.

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